65 Commits (250420381b1a6974798939ad7104ab1a4b9a9994)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Thomas Brand 6d2302a803 Remove FreeBoB backend (superseded by FFADO) 5 years ago
  Adrian Knoth 0c8bebc1d3 Allow firewire device be selected via -d 7 years ago
  Adrian Knoth bf4954c865 firewire: compile with FFADO versions < 9 again 12 years ago
  Adrian Knoth 8603dd8127 [firewire] Use UpdateLatencies() in Attach(). 12 years ago
  Adrian Knoth 96e0251234 [firewire] Allow FFADO backend to change the buffer size 12 years ago
  Adrian Knoth 1a8d715c2e [firewire] Introduce UpdateLatencies() in FFADO backend 12 years ago
  sletz 022e551350 Cleanup. 12 years ago
  sletz 00b166e731 Cleanup code using snprintf. 12 years ago
  sletz 08edac7982 Add jackctl_driver_get_type in Control API. 12 years ago
  Nedko Arnaudov bd2d168dc8 More AllocatePort => PortRegister changes 13 years ago
  Stephane Letz 80bc23a3af Should compile on Linux. 13 years ago
  Stephane Letz 07d2c64f39 Use of PortRegister/PortUnRegister in drivers. 13 years ago
  Nedko Arnaudov 55557d1f74 Port registration notifications on SwitchMaster 13 years ago
  Nedko Arnaudov a9e4628340 helper functions for jack_driver_desc_t construction 13 years ago
  sletz ecb84b5f9f rebase from trunk 4238:4306 13 years ago
  sletz 7254ce1ebc rebase from trunk 4180:4238 13 years ago
  Devin Anderson db132e1974 Update server control API with jackctl_server_open and jackctl_server_close (see http://trac.jackaudio.org/ticket/219 for rationale). Update drivers to support Start/Stop of slave drivers. Update dbus to use new jackctl_server_* functions. Freewheel driver is no longer an implicit slave of the master audio driver. Haven't tested freewheeling, and didn't update Solaris OSS driver. Tested slave addition by adding loopback driver, but don't have a slave driver in this branch on Linux platform to test with. 13 years ago
  Devin Anderson b426ca5e5d Fix minor syntax error 13 years ago
  Devin Anderson 4bd1bef24c Added MIDI queues, FFADO objects, etc. - see 'http://trac.jackaudio.org/ticket/187' for more details 13 years ago
  sletz 6e054114b9 Typo. 13 years ago
  sletz e27f815216 Rework internal slave driver management, JackServerGlobals now handle same parameters as jackdmp. 13 years ago
  sletz a7e8377441 rebase from trunk 4083:4180 13 years ago
  sletz 97c3a441f5 Use of latency range in all backends. ComputeTotalLatencies now a client/server call. 13 years ago
  sletz 4828d0c835 rebase from trunk 4041:4083 13 years ago
  sletz 7dfb47b067 Improve backend error handling: fatal error returned by Read/Write now cause a Process failure (so a thread exit for blocking backends). Recoverable ones (XRuns..) are now treated internally in ALSA, FreeBob and FFADO backends. 13 years ago
  sletz f5d2ce7662 Sync JackAlsaDriver::alsa_driver_check_card_type with JACK1 backend. 13 years ago
  sletz 7a2863cf55 rebase from trunk 4004:4041 13 years ago
  sletz 8d535d994d Arnold Krille irewire snooping patch. 13 years ago
  sletz 249c0c3b5d rebase from trunk 3966:4004 14 years ago
  sletz d23be3fd4b ffado-portname-sync.patch from ticket #163 applied. 14 years ago
  sletz 54ebab2cf2 rebase from trunk 3930:3966 14 years ago
  sletz d909ba9f57 Arnold Krille firewire patch. 14 years ago
  sletz 85a525d60b Fix errors found by cppcheck. 14 years ago
  sletz ec2e42c933 rebase from trunk 3899:3916 14 years ago
  sletz d7dd7caa9a ffado-portaliases patch, fix ticket #156 14 years ago
  sletz d060e55d30 ffado-jackd2-rename patch, fix ticket #155. 14 years ago
  sletz 5f68a6557a rebase from trunk 3813:3899 14 years ago
  Nedko Arnaudov 66c14ab5bf fix build of FFADO driver that got broken in 04206f10d1 14 years ago
  sletz bace3f9e76 Devin Anderson ffado-verbose-wait-error.diff applied. 14 years ago
  St├ęphane LETZ 04206f10d1 Implement new JackPortIsActive flag for ports, ports have this status between client "activate" and "deactivate". 14 years ago
  sletz 23a88af253 Devin Anderson patch for Jack FFADO driver issues with lost MIDI bytes between periods (and more). 14 years ago
  sletz 7ca13a6b25 rebase from trunk 3528:3550 14 years ago
  pieterpalmers e8aeb191b6 update firewire driver options 14 years ago
  sletz d38a6c9c1d Move InitFrameTime in JackDriver::Start method. 14 years ago
  sletz bb7b377860 Implement jack_client_real_time_priority and jack_client_max_real_time_priority API. 15 years ago
  pieterpalmers 7a9f38053e fix port disable bug (jwoithe) 15 years ago
  sletz a7fd397819 Better isolation of server and clients system resources to allow starting the server in several user account at the same time. 15 years ago
  sletz f19b74f904 Header cleanup, add --clients and --ports options in configure. 15 years ago
  sletz bfdf50d52d Better symbols export for server and client side libraries. 15 years ago
  sletz 3e01068967 Merge Michael Voigt drops branch after reorganization step. 15 years ago