2 Commits (develop)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  C├ędric Schieli 5d89eba8c7 Secure promiscuous mode for linux futexes 5 years ago
  falkTX 112b6bdf39 Use Linux futex as JackSynchro 5 years ago
  sletz c35b809fd1 Correct JackMachSemaphore. 11 years ago
  sletz b70bef511b Cleanup code using snprintf(2). 11 years ago
  sletz 187a3aedfa rebase from trunk 3563:3613 13 years ago
  sletz 1eef95890b Raise drivers time out used in synchronous mode. 13 years ago
  sletz 004016f2e9 Rework the mutex/signal classes. Use them in JackMessageBuffer. 13 years ago
  sletz bfdf50d52d Better symbols export for server and client side libraries. 14 years ago
  sletz 3e01068967 Merge Michael Voigt drops branch after reorganization step. 14 years ago
  sletz a20801bf58 Better control of exported symbols. 14 years ago
  sletz 215dfdd97a Tim Blechmann patch to remove unnecessary virtual methods : choice of the appropriate platform version is now done at compilation time. 14 years ago
  sletz b047c2672d All library side files become LGPL 14 years ago
  sletz ecb8da58c7 Beautifull code 14 years ago
  sletz 254f765c4f Update date 15 years ago
  sletz f16634bb6d Implementation of server_name setting (-n) in progress 15 years ago
  sletz 73e2d7a6d3 First import 16 years ago