75 Commits (e03448bd15c1c34e842459939d755f5f89e880ed)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Gary Scavone 896623a477 Documentation and version updates before release 5.1.0 3 years ago
  Gary Scavone 5536d3a2d3 Added github URL to headers. 3 years ago
  Stephen Sinclair 4ea20ca26f [doc] callback return value in \return field 3 years ago
  Stephen Sinclair b787f3630b Fix warning re S24 not trivially copyable by removing copy constructor. 3 years ago
  Stephen Sinclair b9468aa6f8 Windows: include stdint.h for ThreadHandle. 3 years ago
  Taylor Holberton 6ee55842a5 removed getStreamLatency() from derived API classes 4 years ago
  Ryan Schmidt e41e3e845d Change "Direct Sound" to "DirectSound" 4 years ago
  Ryan Schmidt 9c3387e5c1 Change "eg." to "e.g." 4 years ago
  Marcus Tomlinson f35e0e26ee Replace convertBufferWasapi with new WasapiResampler 4 years ago
  JP Cimalando 6919d35787 allow to obtain api names regardless of being compiled or not 4 years ago
  Stephen Sinclair b296e4bfdb Remove the compiledApis vector. 4 years ago
  JP Cimalando 7c363fe1f7 fix the link step on Windows 4 years ago
  Stephen Sinclair e92130e9e1 Fix api name functions for C, replace map with array. 4 years ago
  JP Cimalando bc469fab7b reference return for API names 4 years ago
  Stephen Sinclair 3d054aec68 Use a map for API names 4 years ago
  JP Cimalando 021928773b Use short lower-case names as API identifiers 4 years ago
  JP Cimalando f7b624ba81 API names, and conversion from/to API identifier 4 years ago
  IOhannes m zm√∂lnig 004d9c461d defines for exporting symbols on GCC 5 years ago
  Gary Scavone 2662111a39 Version and documentation updates in advance of new release. 5 years ago
  Stephen Sinclair dd61d7a832 Derive RtAudioError from std::runtime_error 5 years ago
  Stephen Sinclair ee94a98f96 Further fix std::exception noexcept-related compile error 5 years ago
  Stephen Sinclair 8feb1dab32 Fix std::exception noexcept-related compile error 5 years ago
  Gary Scavone 142d06e937 Initialized member priority in CallbackInfo constructor. 5 years ago
  Nils Fenner 8190c80422 refactor: C++0x compatible exception semantics 6 years ago
  JP Cimalando 6318b51661 a JACK-specific flag to disable automatic connection of ports 6 years ago
  Gary Scavone f92ecf14ca Documentation updates in advance of new release 6 years ago
  yedey 53ac6ffe14 Fixed major ASIO duplex initialization bug. Added "preferredSampleRate" to the device info. 8 years ago
  Gary Scavone 22c00ec584 Added new setStreamTime function; Documentation updates for 4.1.1 release. 8 years ago
  Gary Scavone adf4deb452 Update for compiling WASAPI on both MinGW and VS. 8 years ago
  Gary Scavone 3db24e95fe Updates to WASAPI API to support MinGW compile. 8 years ago
  Gary Scavone 25b4595016 Bug fix for DS enumeration when devices are unplugged; bug fix if an error occurs when opening a stream after a previous stream was closed; various documentation updates in preparation for release 4.1.0. 8 years ago
  Gary Scavone 986ffc39fd Various WASAPI-related changes. 8 years ago
  Gary Scavone 18e6f51260 Added Wasapi code (though untested); Updates for better data format support in PulseAudio; Commented-out various unused function arguments in tests/ files. 8 years ago
  Gary Scavone ee76af899f Updates to OS-X sample rate querying, other small changes suggested by Martin Koegler. 8 years ago
  Gary Scavone 9d0703f03a A few small memory leak fixes from MK 8 years ago
  Gary Scavone a4f8006d95 Hades and Koegler patches for ALSA and general efficiency. 8 years ago
  Gary Scavone 8276d1721b Modified VERSION name to avoid conflict with gcc 4.8. 8 years ago
  Gary Scavone bc89055478 A few more minor updates for the RtAudioError class change. 8 years ago
  Gary Scavone c01dce01ba An update to RtAudio.h for the new RtAudioError class. 8 years ago
  Gary Scavone 07c639e411 Renamed RtError class to RtAudioError and embedded it in RtAudio.h. 8 years ago
  Gary Scavone 91b2f327e2 A few more updates, including new ASIO files (GS). 9 years ago
  Gary Scavone 906e5ba67f Various updates for pulse audio, preparation for release 4.0.12, error callback addition (GS). 9 years ago
  Gary Scavone 6befb5faa6 Updates for SCHED_RR in ALSA API, plus support in configure for powerpc64 (gs). 9 years ago
  Gary Scavone 28fc1cfcb3 Various changes for true 24-bit support, changes regarding Jack get_latency, and Linux ALSA realtime threading (gps). 10 years ago
  Gary Scavone 5d8514d7eb Mutex removal from several APIs, addition of PulseAudio support, documentation updates for 4.0.11 release. 10 years ago
  Gary Scavone 758cf4789a Updates to RtAudio.cpp,h to fix deadlock in stopping stream (Core API). Other file updates for upcoming release of version 4.0.11. 10 years ago
  Gary Scavone 029d5d1732 Documentation updates for release 4.0.10 (GS). 11 years ago
  Gary Scavone 6d437609d0 Updates for release 4.0.9, including OS-X fixes for 10.6 and 10.7 (gs). 11 years ago
  Gary Scavone 6faf4336eb Updates for release 4.0.8, including new python binding, new teststops.cpp program, ALSA "default" flag, and various changes to stopping behavior (GS). 11 years ago
  Gary Scavone 24a98a1971 Various changes in preparation for release 4.0.8 11 years ago