5 Commits (4a75d6db73f71ee52d4170e4ff988093e496cd7e)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Stephen Sinclair 4a75d6db73 automake: Fix rtaudio.pc prefix variable 4 years ago
  Claudio Cabral 4a7ca4f1d4 fix cmake build system missing variables in pkgconfig 5 years ago
  Stephen Sinclair e28fc7f3b6 Add @api@ to rtaudio.pc 5 years ago
  IOhannes m zmölnig 5835fe7842 add @api@ to pkg-config's CFLAGS 5 years ago
  Jaromír Mikeš a8fcb15e97 Dropped CPPFLAGS from generated pkg-config 5 years ago
  Stephen Sinclair 0f60381cb4 Rename librtaudio.pc to rtaudio.pc. 7 years ago
  Gary Scavone 22c00ec584 Added new setStreamTime function; Documentation updates for 4.1.1 release. 9 years ago
  Gary Scavone 25b4595016 Bug fix for DS enumeration when devices are unplugged; bug fix if an error occurs when opening a stream after a previous stream was closed; various documentation updates in preparation for release 4.1.0. 9 years ago
  Stephen Sinclair f1dc7619d5 Support "install" and "uninstall" targets, and support --prefix configure option. 9 years ago
  Gary Scavone 906e5ba67f Various updates for pulse audio, preparation for release 4.0.12, error callback addition (GS). 10 years ago
  Gary Scavone bee81ff356 Various updates for pulseaudio API and default ALSA device enumeration (gs). 10 years ago