5 Commits (4a75d6db73f71ee52d4170e4ff988093e496cd7e)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Stephen Sinclair 4a75d6db73 automake: Fix rtaudio.pc prefix variable 4 years ago
  Claudio Cabral 4a7ca4f1d4 fix cmake build system missing variables in pkgconfig 4 years ago
  Stephen Sinclair e28fc7f3b6 Add @api@ to rtaudio.pc 5 years ago
  IOhannes m zmölnig 5835fe7842 add @api@ to pkg-config's CFLAGS 5 years ago
  Jaromír Mikeš a8fcb15e97 Dropped CPPFLAGS from generated pkg-config 5 years ago
  Stephen Sinclair 0f60381cb4 Rename librtaudio.pc to rtaudio.pc. 6 years ago
  Gary Scavone 22c00ec584 Added new setStreamTime function; Documentation updates for 4.1.1 release. 8 years ago
  Gary Scavone 25b4595016 Bug fix for DS enumeration when devices are unplugged; bug fix if an error occurs when opening a stream after a previous stream was closed; various documentation updates in preparation for release 4.1.0. 8 years ago
  Stephen Sinclair f1dc7619d5 Support "install" and "uninstall" targets, and support --prefix configure option. 9 years ago
  Gary Scavone 906e5ba67f Various updates for pulse audio, preparation for release 4.0.12, error callback addition (GS). 9 years ago
  Gary Scavone bee81ff356 Various updates for pulseaudio API and default ALSA device enumeration (gs). 9 years ago