281 Commits (4a75d6db73f71ee52d4170e4ff988093e496cd7e)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Stephen Sinclair 4a75d6db73 automake: Fix rtaudio.pc prefix variable 4 years ago
  Stephen Sinclair be6a6c266b Merge branch 'separate-os-api-testing' 4 years ago
  Stephen Sinclair 77c5f22ade Update availability of platforms in configure help. 4 years ago
  JP Cimalando 7aa565412b Jack: allow unconnected streams to have more ports than device 4 years ago
  Stephen Sinclair ecafdd6f41 cmake: forgot the C API! 4 years ago
  Stephen Sinclair 9802c12859 cmake: make CMakeLists.txt more similar to RtMidi's 4 years ago
  Stephen Sinclair 0b54bd2283 Improve clarity of error message when no known system was found. 4 years ago
  Stephen Sinclair 598a21f411 Check for headers for Windows APIs (except ASIO) 4 years ago
  Stephen Sinclair ebd023a3c0 Improve OSS4 detection on Linux. 4 years ago
  Stephen Sinclair 0c67992a5e Allow to disable an implicitly-selected system using --without-*api* 4 years ago
  Stephen Sinclair adefaebdbc cmake: Flatten API config logic, complete missing rtaudio.pc fields 4 years ago
  Stephen Sinclair 1de9bea0c1 Include process.h for _beginthreadex for DS. 4 years ago
  sonoro1234 8f4579a2f8 avoid cmake error: "install Library TARGETS given no DESTINATION!" 4 years ago
  Stephen Sinclair c2c79729f3 Fix option name with_ds -> with_dsound 4 years ago
  Stephen Sinclair 2a797f963f Remove Travis config for non-existent '--with-winmm' option 4 years ago
  Stephen Sinclair 7fbc900e63 Make libossaudio a soft OSS requirement, but do check for sys/soundcard.h 4 years ago
  Stephen Sinclair 7883fef28b autoconf: separate OS defaults and audio API testing 4 years ago
  Claudio Cabral 4a7ca4f1d4 fix cmake build system missing variables in pkgconfig 5 years ago
  Sebastian Reimers febd0d2438 Fix strict prototype warning 5 years ago
  terminator356 13d6295090 Realtime fixes 4 years ago
  Marcelo Fernandez 34376d36aa Give more priority to PulseAudio api (#129) 5 years ago
  Stephen Sinclair e70927f4ee Add jack to pkg-config requires. 5 years ago
  Stephen Sinclair a748c36885 Update ASIO headers to version 2.3. 5 years ago
  Stephen Sinclair ce13dfbf30 Fix jackXrun handle pointer 5 years ago
  Stephen Sinclair cd561b79e6 Send Travis notifications to Steve. 5 years ago
  Stephen Sinclair 564dd60f13 Add Travis build status to README.md. 5 years ago
  Stephen Sinclair 7457720940 Install libpulse-dev for Linux builds. 5 years ago
  Stephen Sinclair 3b1331c16e Fix compilation of ASIO and WASAPI backends in MingW/Ubuntu. 5 years ago
  Stephen Sinclair 0645e8f466 Remove use of C++11 std::to_string in WASAPI code. 5 years ago
  Stephen Sinclair 853e5b7cde Reformat readme as markdown. 5 years ago
  Marcus Tomlinson 8b543a2850 Allow only the device's native sample rate in WASAPI API 5 years ago
  bejuryu 021df8fa72 fixed cmake install error : rtaudio.pc error 5 years ago
  Stephen Sinclair 3fe493c525 Add a tentative Travis-CI config. 5 years ago
  IOhannes m zmölnig bd4e62a2f8 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into debian-fixes 5 years ago
  Stephen Sinclair e28fc7f3b6 Add @api@ to rtaudio.pc 5 years ago
  IOhannes m zmölnig 3541a1fc13 Don't export private symbols in non-debug builds 5 years ago
  IOhannes m zmölnig 004d9c461d defines for exporting symbols on GCC 5 years ago
  IOhannes m zmölnig ae8cf1370a properly quote message strings 5 years ago
  IOhannes m zmölnig 3322efdcb3 removed unused fallback definitions of PKG_CHECK_MODULES and friends 5 years ago
  IOhannes m zmölnig 59c91ece11 Conditionally build asio sources 5 years ago
  IOhannes m zmölnig 4543e0a2ca use AS_CASE rather than "case" 5 years ago
  IOhannes m zmölnig e796a55694 fixed AC_MSG_ERROR arg 5 years ago
  IOhannes m zmölnig b95a66eca1 fixed bash-style assignment 5 years ago
  IOhannes m zmölnig 46082a884c ported "--enable-debug" fixes from RtMidi 5 years ago
  IOhannes m zmölnig ec3f2109b6 pretty "--with-..." help (and grouped AC_ARG_WITH together) 5 years ago
  IOhannes m zmölnig 82893fbb26 Do not require a program to compile/run to check for version coherency 5 years ago
  IOhannes m zmölnig 587cd78467 consistent API checks 5 years ago
  IOhannes m zmölnig dca4d85b45 use AS_IF rather than "if" 5 years ago
  IOhannes m zmölnig 5835fe7842 add @api@ to pkg-config's CFLAGS 5 years ago
  IOhannes m zmölnig aae1881aa7 Getting rid of repeated and useless calls to AC_SUBST 5 years ago