Audio plugin host
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falkTX a72dbc9872
Fix GCC4 compatibility in clang
2 years ago
backend A few more GCC4 compat fixes 2 years ago
bridges-plugin Fully implement carla_set_custom_ui_title 2 years ago
bridges-ui Fix strict build for >= or < qt 5.15 2 years ago
discovery Better compatibility with msys2 2 years ago
frontend Ignore "-psn_" prefixed CLI args on macOS 2 years ago
includes Fix CarlaNative.h for strict compiler mode 2 years ago
interposer Better support for NSM jack-apps: projects and non optional gui 2 years ago
jackbridge Another wine build fix 2 years ago
libjack Implement custom plugin ui title on bridges 2 years ago
modules Fix GCC4 compatibility in clang 2 years ago
native-plugins Set NATIVE_PLUGIN_USES_CONTROL_VOLTAGE flag on C relevant plugins 2 years ago
plugin Prevent bad vst host from giving carla-plugin invalid time values 2 years ago
rest More REST tests, quick hacky code for websockets 4 years ago
tests Add first good tests, can be automated if needed 3 years ago
tests.old Fix build under haiku 2 years ago
theme Add missing QPainterPath include 2 years ago
utils Fix previous commit 2 years ago Set TARGET_MACHINE var in makefile, even if target OS already set 2 years ago
carla.kdev4 Add CV and inline-display plugin filters, and related fixes 3 years ago