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Build Rack plugins for Mac, Windows, and Linux with a single command on any Linux distro. Coming soon: Use Docker to build on Mac, Windows, or Linux.


Clone this repository in a path without spaces, or the Makefile will break.

Obtain MacOSX10.13.sdk.tar.bz2 using the method at, and place it in the root of this repository. This must be done on a computer with Mac 10.13.

Build toolchains for each platform.

make toolchain-linux
make toolchain-windows
make toolchain-mac

Each toolchain will take around an hour to build, requiring network access and about 15 GB free disk space. The final disk space after building is about 1.6 GB.

Download the latest Rack SDK.

make rack-sdk

Building plugins

Build plugin package for all platforms.

make plugin-build PLUGIN_DIR=...

This places packages in plugin-build/.