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@@ -50,7 +50,7 @@ Keys with * are required.
- **name**: Human-readable display name for your plugin. Defaults to the slug if omitted. May change on a whim.
- **author**: Your name, company, alias, or GitHub username, whichever you prefer
- **version**\*: Your plugin's version, using the guidelines at Do not include the "v" prefix.
- **license**: Abbreviation of the license(s) of your plugin. Use "proprietary" if all rights are reserved. See [SPDX license list]( for abbreviations.
- **license**: The license type of your plugin. Use "proprietary" if all rights are reserved. If your license is in the [SPDX license list](, use its abbreviation in the "Identifier" column.
- **homepage**: URL of the landing page of your plugin. Omit if redundant with the source URL.
- **donation**: URL of your donation page. Use this to provide a URL to users who wish to donate.
- **manual**: URL of the manual of your plugin. HTML, PDF, or GitHub readme/wiki are fine.