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# VCV community

*Manifest repository for VCV Rack plugins*

### Manifest template

Filename should be `YourSlug.json`.

"slug": "AudibleInstruments",
"name": "Audible Instruments",
"license": "BSD 3-clause",
"version": "0.5.0",
"homepage": "",
"manual": "",
"source": "",
"download": "",
"productId": "1234567890",
"arch": ["win", "lin", "mac"],
"sha256": "5993dbe15af246092678e00897dc7a4a1e2dabc494b83412fe31200d5bb58305",

### Manifest properties

Key: **required**, *optional*.

- **slug**: Unique identifier for your plugin. Should never change. Avoid spaces. Prefix with your company or developer name if you plan to release multiple plugins, e.g. "VCV-PulseMatrix". But most importantly, should never change.
- **name**: Human-readable display name for your plugin. May change on a whim.
- **version**: Your plugin's version, using the guidelines at Do not include the "v" prefix.
- *license*: Abbreviation of the license(s) of your plugin. Use "proprietary" if all rights are reserved.
- *homepage*: URL of the landing page of your plugin. Omit if redundant with the source URL.
- *manual*: URL of the manual of your plugin. HTML, PDF, or GitHub readme/wiki are fine.
- *source*: URL of the source code landing page.
- *download*: URL of the compiled binary package. All supported architectures must be merged into one ZIP file. GitHub releases is a good choice for open-source plugins.
- *productId*: VCV store ID for commercial plugins.
- *arch*: List of supported architectures. Defaults to `["win", "mac", "lin"]` if omitted.
- *sha256*: Hex SHA256 string of the binary ZIP file for verifying downloads. Use `sha256sum [FILE]` or `sha256 [FILE]`.