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# VCV Community repository
# VCV community repository

The VCV community members are responsible for curating Rack plugins into a centralized database.
[Anyone is welcome to join.](

## Package team
All Rack plugins are welcome assuming they
- are not malware (i.e. harm your computer or your privacy)
- do not misuse intellectual property (legally or morally).

### Building repos

## [Library team](

- Keep plugin manifests correct and up-to-date.
- Handle issues opened by plugin developers who want to add/update their plugin.
- Seek new plugins/updates when developers don't notify us.

#### Manifest example

Filename should be `YourSlug.json`.

"name": "Fundamental",
"license": "BSD 3-clause",
"author": "VCV",
"contactEmail": "",
"websiteUrl": "",
"manualUrl": "",
"sourceUrl": "",
"latestVersion": "0.6.0",
"status": ""

#### Manifest properties

All properties are optional.

- **name**: Human-readable display name for your plugin. You can change this on a whim, unlike slugs.
- **license**: The license type of your plugin. Use "proprietary" if all rights are reserved. If your license is in the [SPDX license list](, use its abbreviation in the "Identifier" column.
- **author**: Your name, company, alias, or GitHub username.
- **contactEmail**: Your email address for support inquiries.
- **websiteUrl**: The homepage page of your plugin. Omit if redundant with the source URL.
- **manualUrl**: The manual of your plugin. HTML, PDF, or GitHub readme/wiki are fine.
- **sourceUrl**: The source code homepage. E.g. GitHub repo.
- **donateUrl**: Link to donation page for users who wish to donate. E.g. PayPal URL.
- **latestVersion**: Your plugin's latest version, using the guidelines at Do not include the "v" prefix.
- **productId**: ID for plugins sold through the VCV Store.
- **status**: *TODO*

## [Review team](


## [Repair team](

- Fix broken plugins, in particular caused by Rack API updates, by opening issues, sending PRs, or even forking and adopting plugins.

## [Build team](


#### Building repos

Clone all repos with `git submodule update --init --recursive`

Then build all repos with `RACK_DIR=<path to Rack directory> make dist_all`

### Adding a repo
#### Adding a repo

The folder name should match the slug, even if it is not the repository name.
Be sure to check out the correct branch.

`git submodule add -b v0.6 Fundamental`
cd repos
git submodule add -b v0.6 Fundamental