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In this document, Mod is Ctrl on Windows/Linux and Cmd on Mac.

1.1.6 (2019-11-04)

  • Add ability for plugins to use LuaJIT on Mac.
  • Fix normal random number generator possibly returning -infinity.
  • Core
    • MIDI-Map: Don't move param until the first MIDI CC command is sent.
  • API
    • Remove support for namespaced rack::APP, rack::DEBUG, etc macros. Use namespace-less APP, DEBUG, etc instead.
    • Add dsp::IIRFilter.

1.1.5 (2019-09-29)

  • Swap order of tags and brands in Module Browser.
  • Add View > Frame rate menu bar item.
  • Hide menu and scrollbars when fullscreen.
  • Add key command (F3) for engine CPU meter.
  • Add numpad key commands.
  • Automatically unzip update on Mac.
  • Stop worker threads when engine is paused to save CPU.
  • Core
    • Disable smoothing for MIDI CC buttons in MIDI-Map.
    • Fix sustain pedal release bug when using polyphonic mode in MIDI-CV.
  • API
    • Add libsamplerate library.

1.1.4 (2019-08-22)

  • Fix parameter smoothing of MIDI-Map.
  • Sort modules within plugin in the Module Browser according to plugin rather than alphabetically.
  • Fix bug where knobs sometimes jump while dragging.
  • Reimplement CPU meter to measure thread runtime, not real time.
  • Fix crashes when deleting/duplicating modules while dragging modules/cables in certain cases.
  • API
    • Add dsp::BiquadFilter.
    • Add dsp/approx.hpp with approximate math functions.
    • Add simd::tan(), atan(), and atan2().
    • Add string::toBase64() and fromBase64().

1.1.3 (2019-07-23)

  • Include root certificate bundle for libcurl on all OS's.
  • Revert to OpenSSL from Schannel on Windows.
  • Bundle unsigned Fundamental package on Mac.

1.1.2 (2019-07-20)

  • Add app notarization on Mac, which removes the “Apple cannot check for malicious software” message on launch.
  • Write stack trace to log.txt and display dialog box when Rack crashes.
  • Re-enable JACK MIDI driver on Linux.
  • Fix scroll speed for mice and trackpads on Mac.
  • Fix undo history bug when dragging patch file to the Rack window.
  • Fix crash when pasting presets to an empty rack space with Mod-V.
  • Fix module expanders being assigned incorrectly when loading presets.
  • Add check for duplicate port IDs for modules.

1.1.1 (2019-07-01)

  • Add auto-updating on Windows when Help > Update VCV Rack is clicked.
  • Fix extension filters in open/save dialog box on Windows.
  • Fix expanders not attaching when force-dragging modules.

1.1.0 (2019-06-27)

  • Request microphone access on Mac to prevent Mac 10.14+ from blocking audio input.
  • Clear filters in Module Browser when backspace is pressed while the search field is empty.
  • Add Mod-0 key command to set zoom to 100%.
  • Emulate middle-click with Ctrl-shift-click on Mac.
  • Fix MIDI receiving in Bridge MIDI driver.
  • Fix opening/saving UTF-8 filenames on Windows.
  • Fix bug where cable ID's were not being set in .vcv patches.
  • Plugin API
    • Add string::absolutePath().
    • Use namespace for Core plugin to avoid name clashes.

1.0.0 (2019-06-19)

  • Add polyphonic cables.
  • Add multithreading to engine.
  • Add undo/redo history.
  • Add module expander support.
  • Add parameter labels, units, and descriptions.
  • Add parameter tooltips for quickly viewing parameter values.
  • Add parameter context menu for entering numerical values, unmapping, etc.
  • Change parameter initialization to double-click.
  • Add ability to Mod-click on an input port to clone the existing cable.
  • Add module “force” dragging when holding Mod.
  • Add ability to disable modules with a context menu item and key command Mod-E.
  • Add sample rates up to 768,000 Hz (16 x 48,000 Hz).
  • Overhaul Module Browser with visual previews of modules.
  • Add plugin info sub-menu to module context menu with links to manual, website, source code, etc.
  • Add factory presets to module context menu if plugin supplies a folder of presets.
  • Add default template patch.
  • Add menu item to save the current patch as the template.
  • Add “frameRateLimit” and “frameRateSync” for setting maximum screen refresh rate and to toggle vertical sync.
  • Add “autosavePeriod” for setting the frequency of autosaves in seconds.
  • Add textual menu bar, rearranged menu items, removed icons.
  • Make CPU timer display microseconds and percentage instead of millisamples.
  • Add engine real-time priority setting.
  • Make rack infinite in all four directions.
  • Add bus board graphic to rack.
  • Add key command Mod-- and Mod-=, or Mod-scroll, for zooming the rack.
  • Fix draw order of cable plugs and wires.
  • Make Gamepad MIDI driver generate MIDI CC instead of MIDI notes for buttons.
  • Add Numpad keyboard MIDI device.
  • Fix Unicode user directories on Windows.
  • Add ability to change cable colors in settings.json.
  • Add -p X flag for dumping a screenshot of each available module.
  • Allow user to see changelogs of plugins before updating their plugin library.
  • Allow user to update individual plugins.
  • Core
    • Add Audio-16 with 16/16 inputs/outputs.
    • Add CV-MIDI, CV-CC, and CV-Gate for sending MIDI to external devices.
    • Add MIDI-Map for mapping MIDI CC parameters directly to Rack parameters.
    • Add polyphony to MIDI-CV.
    • Add MPE mode to MIDI-CV.
    • Add “Panic” button to all MIDI modules to reset performance state.
  • Plugin API
    • Add for creating and manipulating plugins with the command-line.
    • Add simd.hpp for generically handling arithmetic and math functions for vectors of floats, accelerated with SSE.
    • Add dsp::VuMeter2.
    • Add dsp::Timer and dsp::Counter.
    • Overhaul event system with many new events.
    • etc. See more at
  • Licenses
    • Relicense Rack to GPLv3 with the VCV Rack Non-Commercial Plugin License Exception and a commercial licensing option.
    • Collect all license statements into new file.
    • License Core panel graphics under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0.

0.6.2 (2018-07-13)

0.6.1 (2018-06-17)

  • Add gamepad MIDI driver.
  • Add computer keyboard MIDI driver.
  • Add JACK support on Linux.
  • Add velocity mode to MIDI-Trig.
  • Add MIDI multiplexing so multiple MIDI modules can use the same MIDI device on Windows.
  • Make Module Browser layout more compact.
  • Add power meter.
  • Add icons to toolbar.
  • VCV Bridge 0.6.1
    • Replace VST effect plugin with VST instrument plugin with audio inputs.
    • Add MIDI support.
    • Add DAW transport and clock.

0.6.0 (2018-03-29)

  • Release VCV Bridge for interfacing Rack with your DAW.
    • VST/AU effect plugins (Mac and 32/64-bit Windows) for using Rack as a send/return on a DAW track.
    • Enables future VSTi/AU instrument plugins with MIDI and DAW clock transport to be added in a later Rack 0.6.* update.
  • Updated Plugin Manager to handle open-source plugins.
    • Potentially all plugins can be added with help from the VCV Community.
  • New Module Browser for adding modules to the rack.
    • Launch by right-clicking on the rack or pressing .
    • Add “favorite” modules by clicking on the star button.
    • Navigate modules with arrow keys or mouse.
  • Redesign Core modules.
    • Access to audio channels beyond the first 8 inputs/outputs.
    • Improve AUDIO stability.
    • Add retrigger output to MIDI-1.
    • Merged MIDI clock module with MIDI-1.
    • Fix MIDI-4 sustain pedal in polyphonic modes.
  • Improve sample rate conversion performance, is disabled entirely when not needed.
  • Patch cable colors are saved to patch files.
  • Add highlighting for active patch cables when hovering mouse over port.
  • Add shadows to knobs and ports.
  • Add File > “Disconnect cables”.
  • Release Rack SDK for compiling plugins without compiling Rack.

0.5.1 (2017-12-19)

  • Add Plugin Manager support.
  • Fix metadata panel in the Add Module window.

0.5.0 (2017-11-21)

  • Add zoom scaling from 25% to 200%.
  • Automatically scroll when dragging cables to the edge of the screen.
  • Add Quad MIDI-to-CV Interface, CC-to-CV, Clock-to-CV, and Trigger-to-CV MIDI interfaces.
  • Improve support for ASIO, WASAPI, DirectSound, Core Audio, and ALSA audio drivers.
  • New module browser with search and tags.
  • Enhanced LED emulation in graphics engine.
  • File > New attempts to load “template.vcv” in the “Documents/Rack” folder if it exists.

0.4.0 (2017-10-13)

  • Cables can now stack on output ports.
  • Add sub-menus for each plugin, includes optional plugin metadata like URLs.
  • Add MIDI CC-to-CV Interface, updated MIDI-to-CV Interface.
  • Add new scrolling methods: middle-click-and-drag, shift-scroll, and arrow keys.
  • Add engine pausing in sample rate menu.
  • Add resizable blank to Core.
  • Add LEDs on plugs.
  • Support for AMD Phenom II processors.
  • Use self-contained Mac app bundle, no need for a Rack folder.

0.3.2 (2017-09-25)

  • Add key commands.
  • Fix “invisible knobs/ports” rendering bug for ~2010 Macs.
  • Add “allowCursorLock” to settings.json (set to “false” for touch screen support).
  • Fix 100% CPU issue when no audio device is selected.
  • Add vector scaling panels.

0.3.1 (2017-09-13)

  • Fix Windows open dialog current working directory graphics problem.
  • Mod-C/Mod-V to copy/paste from text and password fields.
  • Automatically remember settings and login token between launches.
  • Remove .zip after downloading and extracting plugin.
  • Mod-click to right click on Mac.
  • Fix menu “flicker” when menu cannot fit in window.
  • tweaks to Fundamental and Audible Instruments plugins.

0.3.0 (2017-09-10)

  • Knobcon public Beta release.