6 Commits (476a49b33b0539b825f53a51bfa7758558433ecc)

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  Andrew Belt e59e8aca40 Add sort-of-automatic updater on Linux. 4 years ago
  Andrew Belt 1388e9ebb1 Add network::init(). Add asset::bundlePath. 4 years ago
  Andrew Belt 7f6f933420 Add automatic unzipping when updating on Mac. 4 years ago
  Andrew Belt dca30e2b53 Auto-format code with astyle. 4 years ago
  Andrew Belt a5e1ac75f8 Finish auto-updater on Windows. Add network::urlPath(). Reimplement 4 years ago
  Andrew Belt 923537402e Add updater.hpp/cpp and more advanced app updating functionality. 4 years ago