17 Commits (476a49b33b0539b825f53a51bfa7758558433ecc)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Andrew Belt dca30e2b53 Auto-format code with astyle. 4 years ago
  Andrew Belt d6c8d84ede Clean up types in dsp/window.hpp. Fix createModel() in helpers.hpp if a member field exists called `model`. Fix `make install` path for plugins. Fail silently if a MIDI message >3 bytes is received. 4 years ago
  Andrew Belt 696939069d Use <> instead of "" for include directive. 4 years ago
  Andrew Belt b066025ed1 Correctly handle MIDI messages with less than 3 bytes. 5 years ago
  Andrew Belt 9ffb57edd0 Remove Window::isModPressed() and isShiftPressed(). Add Window::getMods(). Add partial implementations of Core MIDI-CC and MIDI-Gate. 5 years ago
  Andrew Belt f312191e0a Move MIDI subclasses to source files 5 years ago
  Andrew Belt d7186474d3 Implement midi::Output. Tweak midi API a bit 5 years ago
  Andrew Belt 00d039c465 Put midi in namespace 5 years ago
  Andrew Belt 3644b1877e Clean up includes 5 years ago
  Andrew Belt 587f936a99 Move random to its own namespace, shuffle files around 5 years ago
  Andrew Belt f6ed130762 MIDI and RtMidi driver fixes 5 years ago
  Andrew Belt 036d1a4b83 Revise way to initialize MIDI drivers 5 years ago
  Andrew Belt c6b7b90839 Clean up temporary code, properly handle unsubscribing from rtmidi 5 years ago
  Andrew Belt ba275e31e5 Massive refactor to MIDI API, re-enable Bridge 5 years ago
  Andrew Belt 8a9f81cbd7 More MIDI restructuring, changed driver -> driverId, device -> deviceId 5 years ago
  Andrew Belt 3a5e256d82 Further restructure to midi.hpp 5 years ago
  Andrew Belt 531f348dc2 Restructure midi for multiplexing, add gamepad midi driver, add CPU 5 years ago