29 Commits (476a49b33b0539b825f53a51bfa7758558433ecc)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Andrew Belt 26bda06eb7 Move slug normalization from getPlugin or getModel functions to fromJson functions. 4 years ago
  Andrew Belt d4586c3481 Check plugin version against Rack ABI version before plugin is loaded. 4 years ago
  Andrew Belt 469d66024a Restructure the tag/alias data structure. 4 years ago
  Andrew Belt 729b3dc3c9 Move tag lists to tag.cpp. 4 years ago
  Andrew Belt dca30e2b53 Auto-format code with astyle. 4 years ago
  Andrew Belt 0b2c911ba3 Most most of plugin/model validation to fromJson. 4 years ago
  Andrew Belt 5bba5e9a69 Add "disabled" property to module object in manifest. 4 years ago
  Andrew Belt 3f513e1adb Add more validation to plugin loading. 4 years ago
  Andrew Belt ba2d5f8e2d Move Core metadata from Core/plugin.cpp to Core.json manifest. Finish most of Plugin menu functionality. Rewrite plugin loading code. 4 years ago
  Andrew Belt 69c5ec8983 Normalize plugin and model slugs when loading patches. Fail with warning when model slug is invalid, instead of crashing. 4 years ago
  Andrew Belt aa088e369a Add links to README. Add union to simd::Vector for serially accessing vector elements. 4 years ago
  Andrew Belt 696939069d Use <> instead of "" for include directive. 4 years ago
  Andrew Belt 5b3c9b36af Add brand to plugin::Plugin and plugin manifest. Use brand instead of author in Module Browser. 4 years ago
  Andrew Belt 207ca888ed Add string::trim. Add string::fuzzyScore. Add fuzzy scoring to Module Browser. 5 years ago
  Andrew Belt dd7e71916c Make module property in manifest an array instead of object 5 years ago
  Andrew Belt e5a88dfad2 Add factory preset submenu to module context menu. 5 years ago
  Andrew Belt 13dadef857 ModuleBrowser WIP. Add Widget::show/hide(). 5 years ago
  Andrew Belt c60339bcd3 Create `plugin::` namespace 5 years ago
  Andrew Belt f1bd4b714d Change Port::set/getValue to set/getVoltage 5 years ago
  Andrew Belt 69bd0575b5 Add Module bypass to UI and engine 5 years ago
  Andrew Belt f5601d2042 Work on toolbar, event context 5 years ago
  Andrew Belt 217faca052 Parse plugin metadata from plugin.json 5 years ago
  Andrew Belt f1e4f08d0c Un-class-ify plugin 5 years ago
  Andrew Belt 0dec45d970 Class-ify window, un-class-ify asset 5 years ago
  Andrew Belt cbed0cf7a1 Wrap asset state into new AssetManager class 5 years ago
  Andrew Belt 402f42a354 Add Context class for storing global state 5 years ago
  Andrew Belt 0e05e63dcb Rename asset::local to user, rename asset:global to system 5 years ago
  Andrew Belt a792c85cbc Cleanup includes more 5 years ago
  Andrew Belt c31b8f0ba2 Split plugin.hpp to folder of headers, wrap plugin state in new PluginManager class 5 years ago