26 Commits (476a49b33b0539b825f53a51bfa7758558433ecc)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Andrew Belt e248cc8813 Disable crash warning dialog in dev mode. 4 years ago
  Andrew Belt dca30e2b53 Auto-format code with astyle. 4 years ago
  Andrew Belt f381e1227a Add string::filename() before computing string::filenameExtension(). 4 years ago
  Andrew Belt e6e7f33256 Add PatchManager::loadPathDialog() for dragging a file to the Rack window. 4 years ago
  Andrew Belt f260e482a9 Don't prompt when clearing the patch when it is already empty. 4 years ago
  Andrew Belt ca89558bb4 Use -v1 filename suffix for plugins/, settings.json, autosave.vcv, and template.vcv when running in non-dev-mode. 4 years ago
  Andrew Belt 696939069d Use <> instead of "" for include directive. 4 years ago
  Andrew Belt beefa87ef6 Add update notification to Help menu item. Remove update popup dialog message, and remove "checkVersion" from settings. 4 years ago
  Andrew Belt afd6d4bb8e Clean up various headers. 4 years ago
  Andrew Belt e2c4dc8249 Remove old patch before moving new temporary patch to its location. 4 years ago
  Andrew Belt e92b9d0339 Save temporary patch file and rename it over desired patch. 4 years ago
  Andrew Belt 3ddc40b8b5 Fix string::basename() bug on Mac (and possibly Windows). Rename string::basename to filenameBase, string::extension to filenameExtension. 4 years ago
  Andrew Belt 87cab493f3 Add saved state to history::State. Ask for user confirmation in patch::resetDialog() and patch::loadDialog() if patch is unsaved. 4 years ago
  Andrew Belt 2446756c54 Make settings a namespace instead of a global class. 4 years ago
  Andrew Belt df222e691b Make Patch::reset load the system template 5 years ago
  Andrew Belt 7e2d4a6bf9 Use larger canvas for RackScrollWidget. 5 years ago
  Andrew Belt 2210287039 Move handling of RackWidget from Scene to RackScrollWidget. 5 years ago
  Andrew Belt b4be621ddc Update MIDI-CV panel. Prepare MIDI-CV for polyphony. Add "v" to version strings. 5 years ago
  Andrew Belt 62214d106a Convert settings namespace into class 5 years ago
  Andrew Belt 8a5a806425 Add app::, ui::, and widget:: namespaces. 5 years ago
  Andrew Belt e74da56005 Move patch loading from main() to PatchManager::init(). Load template.vcv if autosave.vcv does not exist. Create default template.vcv file. 5 years ago
  Andrew Belt 6d86a8280c Add convenience methods to Port. Draw blue plug lights for polyphonic ports. 5 years ago
  Andrew Belt f6010e61a3 Add Undo/Redo menu items. Clean up Toolbar. 5 years ago
  Andrew Belt 5659faba2e Add RackWidget::clearCablesAction 5 years ago
  Andrew Belt c4a33bedc3 Move CableContainer methods into RackWidget 5 years ago
  Andrew Belt 8cc4cb3c2b Add PatchManager. Clean up and refactor RackWidget and CableContainer. 5 years ago