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VCV Rack is [open-source]( but not [open-contribution](
I am unable to accept free code contributions to Rack for the following reasons.
VCV is unable to accept free code contributions to Rack for the following reasons.
- **Quality.**
Most contributions to open-source projects typically only contain code, but writing code is just a small percentage of the effort required to maintain a large software project.
Additional tasks for fully supporting a feature include
- debating the best design before any code is written
- considering all use cases and corner cases of the implementation
- generalizability to allow other features to be built on top if needed
- backward compatibility with Rack's plugin [API/ABI]( and user patches.
- testing across all supported operating systems and hardware
- dedication to support the feature for >4 years
- **Time.**
@@ -21,8 +22,8 @@ To accept a contribution, all authors of the contribution need to either

Except in exceptional circumstances, contributions are only accepted as paid work under detailed guidelines.

However there are several areas you may contribute Rack project.
- [creating high-quality issues](
- responding to [issues]( and answering questions in the [VCV communities](
- [developing and maintaining your own plugins](
- contributing to Rack's open-source dependencies, like [GLFW](, [nanovg](, [RtAudio](, and [RtMidi](
However there are several areas you may volunteer to benefit the Rack project.
- Create proper [bug reports and feature requests](
- Answer questions in the [VCV communities](
- Develop and maintain your own [Rack plugins](
- Contribute to Rack's open-source dependencies, such as [GLFW](, [nanovg](, [RtAudio](, and [RtMidi](

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### Details

Operating system:
Rack version: vX.X.X
Operating system and version:
Rack version (vX.Y.Z):
Hardware relevant to your issue (e.g. graphic card model, audio/MIDI device):

### Summary

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@@ -19,7 +19,7 @@ What is the motivation for this feature? What does the feature achieve?
### Proposed design

What is one possible implementation of this feature?
What is one possible implementation or design of this feature?
If visual, explain how the user interface should be changed. If interactive, explain the steps needed for a user to use the feature.
Are there any corner cases where your implementation would fail?
Are there alternative implementations?