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  7. $DEBIAN_PACKAGE = "kxstudio-repos_11.1.0_all.deb";
  8. $DEBIAN_PACKAGE_URL = "https://launchpad.net/~kxstudio-debian/+archive/kxstudio/+files/" . $DEBIAN_PACKAGE;
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  12. The KXStudio repositories support all Debian versions since <b>11 (Bullseye)</b> and Ubuntu <b>20.04 (Focal)</b> or above including Ubuntu 22.04.<br/>
  13. They should work on all Debian-based distributions and variants.
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  15. <p>
  16. The only real requirement is it being a computer capable of running <b>x86_64</b> (pretty much everything nowadays)
  17. or an ARM-based system, which can be <b>armhf</b> (ARM 32bit with neon-vfpv4) or <b>aarch64</b> (ARM 64bit).<br/>
  18. Legacy i686 systems (PCs that cannot do 64bit) are not supported.
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  21. Once you have the repositories enabled, you should first update the software sources (using your preferred GUI or simply running <b>sudo apt update</b>),<br/>
  22. then either manually install individual packages or the meta-packages to automatically get large sets of audio tools and plugins.<br/>
  23. See the <a href="<?php echo $ROOT; ?>/Documentation:Repository:Meta-Packages">Meta-Packages</a> page for more details.<br/>
  24. </p>
  25. <p>
  26. We recommend to install the <b>kxstudio-default-settings</b> package after enabling the repositories.<br/>
  27. This will put in place a few system tweaks useful for audio, these include for example, minimizing swap usage and increasing maximum number of open files.
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  29. <p>
  30. You might also want to check:
  31. </p>
  32. <ul>
  33. <li><a href="<?php echo $ROOT; ?>/Repositories:Applications">Applications in the repositories</a></li>
  34. <li><a href="<?php echo $ROOT; ?>/Repositories:Plugins">Plugins in the repositories</a></li>
  35. <li><a href="<?php echo $ROOT; ?>/Repositories:FAQ">Frequent asked questions</a></li>
  36. </ul>
  37. <p>
  38. Bug reports and package requests should be posted in the
  39. <a href="https://github.com/KXStudio/Repository/issues" target="_blank">Repository project page</a>.<br/>
  40. Below is information on how to enable the repositories.
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  44. <h3><span class="mw-headline">
  45. <img src="images/ico_debian.png" class="img_text_align" alt=""/> Debian / <img src="images/ico_ubuntu.png" class="img_text_align" alt=""/> Ubuntu
  46. </span></h3>
  47. <p>
  48. All Debian and Ubuntu users can enable our repositories by installing this deb file:
  49. <a href="<?php echo $DEBIAN_PACKAGE_URL; ?>" class="free" rel="nofollow">kxstudio-repos.deb</a>.<br/>
  50. You can install it manually by running this:<br/>
  51. </p>
  52. <pre>
  53. <span style="color: rgb(110, 110, 110);"># Update software sources</span>
  54. sudo apt-get update
  55. <span style="color: rgb(110, 110, 110);"># Install required dependencies if needed</span>
  56. sudo apt-get install apt-transport-https gpgv wget
  57. <span style="color: rgb(110, 110, 110);"># Download package file</span>
  58. wget <?php echo $DEBIAN_PACKAGE_URL . "\n"; ?>
  59. <span style="color: rgb(110, 110, 110);"># Install it</span>
  60. sudo dpkg -i <?php echo $DEBIAN_PACKAGE . "\n"; ?>
  61. </pre>
  62. <p>
  63. These packages contain:
  64. </p>
  65. <ul>
  66. <li>Various sources files that activates the separate repositories</li>
  67. <li>GPG keys used for package and repository signing</li>
  68. <li>A post-install script that clears up legacy repository setup</li>
  69. </ul>
  70. <hr/>
  71. <p>
  72. <b>NOTE:</b><br/>
  73. Please do not copy these instructions to your own website, wiki, etc.<br/>
  74. The packages file link might change at anytime, and so the instructions themselves.<br/>
  75. Always refer to this exact page for how-to enable the KXStudio repositories please.
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  77. <p><br/></p>
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