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  8. <p>
  9. This section describes all the meta-packages available in the KXStudio repositories, split by type.
  10. </p>
  11. <h3><span class="mw-headline" id="MetaPackageList">KXStudio own package list</span></h3>
  12. <p>
  13. These are for packages available through the KXStudio repositories.<br/>
  14. In a tree-like view, the meta-packages are setup like this:
  15. </p>
  16. <ul>
  17. <li>kxstudio-meta-all<ul>
  18. <li>kxstudio-meta-audio-applications</li>
  19. <li>kxstudio-meta-audio-plugins
  20. <table><tr><td>
  21. <ul>
  22. <li>kxstudio-meta-audio-plugins-collection</li>
  23. </ul>
  24. </td>
  25. <td> or </td>
  26. <td>
  27. <ul>
  28. <li>kxstudio-meta-audio-plugins-ladspa</li>
  29. <li>kxstudio-meta-audio-plugins-dssi</li>
  30. <li>kxstudio-meta-audio-plugins-lv2</li>
  31. <li>kxstudio-meta-audio-plugins-vst</li>
  32. </ul>
  33. </td></tr></table>
  34. </li>
  35. </ul></li>
  36. </ul>
  37. <p>
  38. The "collection" is a subset, focusing on just the highlights/best plugins to install out of all LADSPA, DSSI, LV2 and VSTs
  39. (where LV2 format is preferred, if available).<br/>
  40. Whereas the specific plugin format packages are more complete, they will install all individual packages that contain plugins in that format.
  41. </p>
  42. <h3><span class="mw-headline" id="Notes">Notes</span></h3>
  43. <p>
  44. The 'meta-audio-plugins-collection' package is an alternative to installing all plugins at once.<br/>
  45. If you're the kind of person that only wants to install the best plugins, consider installing this package first before installing other audio meta-packages.<br/>
  46. This way installing 'meta-audio-plugins' will not pull 'meta-audio-plugins-ladspa', 'meta-audio-plugins-dssi', etc.
  47. </p>
  48. <p>
  49. Audio plugins packages that include several formats (like drumgizmo that includes LV2 and VST) or standalone applications (like calf-plugins)
  50. are not part of the specific '*-audio-plugins-*' packages.<br/>
  51. This is because installing those will install additional plugin formats and/or full applications.<br/>
  52. To ensure, for example, that you get all possible LV2 plugins from KXStudio, install 'meta-audio-plugins' and 'meta-audio-plugins-lv2'.
  53. </p>
  54. <p><br/></p>
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