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  9. <!-- Intro -->
  10. <p>
  11. Carla is a fully-featured modular audio plugin host, with support for many audio drivers and plugin formats.<br/>
  12. It has some nice features like transport control, automation of parameters via MIDI CC and remote control over OSC.<br/>
  13. </p>
  14. <p>
  15. Carla currently supports LADSPA (including LRDF), DSSI, LV2, VST2, VST3 and AU plugin formats, plus SF2 and SFZ file support.<br/>
  16. It uses JACK as the default and preferred audio driver but also supports native drivers like ALSA, DirectSound or CoreAudio.<br/>
  17. </p>
  18. <p>
  19. There are 4 types of engine processing:
  20. </p>
  21. <ul>
  22. <li><b>Single-client</b>: (JACK driver only)<br/>
  23. Same as Multi-client, except that all JACK ports belong to a single master client.<br/>
  24. This is needed when a setup doesn't support multi-client JACK apps, such as LADISH.
  25. </li>
  26. <li><b>Multi-client</b>: (JACK driver only)<br/>
  27. Every single plugin is exposed as a new JACK client. Audio and MIDI ports are registered as needed.
  28. </li>
  29. <li><b>Rack</b>:<br/>
  30. Plugins are processed in order, from top to bottom.<br/>
  31. Plugins with non-stereo audio channels are not supported, but a forced-stereo option is available for Mono ones.
  32. </li>
  33. <li><b>Patchbay</b>:<br/>
  34. Modular patchbay mode, just like in JACK Multi-client and many other modular applications.<br/>
  35. Every plugin gets its own canvas group and ports allowing you to interconnect plugin audio and MIDI.
  36. </li>
  37. </ul>
  38. <!-- Goals and Vision -->
  39. <h3><span class="mw-headline" id="Goals-and-Vision"> Goals and Vision </span></h3>
  40. <p>
  41. Carla has the goal of being a simple and quick-to-use libre and open-source modular plugin host.<br/>
  42. This means several things:
  43. </p>
  44. <ul>
  45. <li>Be 100% free (free in price while also being free to use, modify and redistribute)</li>
  46. <li>Have its main features be simple to use</li>
  47. <li>Be fast from starting up to running plugins and having sound (assuming the user knows what to do)</li>
  48. </ul>
  49. <p>
  50. While simple in nature, a dumb-down host is not the target.<br/>
  51. Rather, it aims to be a simple tool that has advanced features under the hood, toggled by the user as needed.<br/>
  52. The basic functionality should be easily accessible and intuitive, while not making it hard for advanced users to do what they want.
  53. </p>
  54. <p>
  55. Carla's main functionality should be all about plugins and modularity, with Rack-mode (stereo top-down processing) as a bonus.<br/>
  56. In order to achieve this, it should load as many plugin formats as possible and allow inter-connectivity between them.<br/>
  57. Plugin bridges are used to load even more plugin formats and types, sometimes even those that are not native to the current platform.
  58. </p>
  59. <p>
  60. Carla should make it possible for others to use it within their projects.<br/>
  61. This is achieved by means of a simple API, plus Carla itself as a plugin.
  62. </p>
  63. <p>
  64. Remote control (over the network), while not its focus, should be possible.<br/>
  65. The backend can be running in one machine, while the frontend is in another.<br/>
  66. This is related to the previous point, where Carla should be usable by other projects.<br/>
  67. Being able to be remotely controlled allows Carla to run in embedded systems.
  68. </p>
  69. <p>
  70. Backwards-compatibility is a must.<br/>
  71. Carla should never implement a new feature that breaks old projects, nor making new projects unloadable in old versions.<br/>
  72. While a project with new features obviously won't load those in old Carla versions, the "old" supported features have to remain backwards-compatible.
  73. </p>
  74. <p>
  75. Carla should attempt to correct plugin mistakes whenever possible, so it runs as many of them as possible. A warning is logged in such cases.<br/>
  76. The target is to not annoy users that are unable to fix things by themselves (they cannot write code usually).<br/>
  77. The logged warnings should be clear enough that 3rd party developers understand what they have to fix after reading them.
  78. </p>
  79. <p>
  80. Carla should also be a great tool for debugging and developing new plugins.<br/>
  81. This is made possible by providing ways to run without audio, aka dummy driver, in order to detect leaks and memory issues.<br/>
  82. It also provides a way to test a single plugin and/or its custom UI.
  83. </p>
  84. <p>
  85. Finally, Carla should be able to be compiled and run in as many formats and platforms as possible.<br/>
  86. This means Linux, macOS and Windows as first-class platforms, but also be able to run in BSDs, HaikuOS and any other POSIX-compliant system.<br/>
  87. In terms of formats, this means running as Standalone and plugin (LV2 and VST2 minimum), while also providing its own API to easily extend it to more places.
  88. </p>
  89. <p>
  90. As a final note, it is worth saying that the personal goal of its author is to be able to make full songs within this single tool.<br/>
  91. This often involves running other tools inside Carla, but everything is still contained within it and managed by it.<br/>
  92. New features and requirements might be added to Carla as a way to achieve this goal.
  93. </p>
  94. <!-- Interface -->
  95. <h3><span class="mw-headline" id="Interface"> The Interface </span></h3>
  96. <p>
  97. By default Carla uses its own internal theme, a screenshot of it follows along with some plugins:<br/>
  98. <a href="screenshots/carla.png" class="external text" rel="nofollow"><img src="screenshots/carla.png" alt="carla.png" /></a><br/>
  99. The user can keep the custom theme but use system colors, or simply disable the custom theme altogether.<br/>
  100. The result may not be as nice though.<br/>
  101. </p>
  102. <p>
  103. The 'Patchbay' uses the same canvas engine that Catarina, Catia and Claudia do:<br/>
  104. <a href="screenshots/carla-patchbay.png" class="external text" rel="nofollow"><img src="screenshots/carla-patchbay.png" alt="carla-patchbay.png" /></a>
  105. </p>
  106. <p>
  107. The last tab "Log" simply prints debug info from time to time when an internal error occurs, in a way that doesn't disturb the user.<br/>
  108. This tab is not available in the Windows version.<br/>
  109. </p>
  110. <!-- Usage -->
  111. <h3><span class="mw-headline" id="Usage"> Usage </span></h3>
  112. <p>
  113. The first time you run Carla you'll most likely want to scan for plugins.<br/>
  114. You can configure your plugin folders in the settings if needed. When done, use "Add New Plugin" in the toolbar, then press the "Refresh" button.<br/>
  115. </p>
  116. <p>
  117. Because Carla is a somewhat complex application, a single page is not enough to cover it entirely.<br/>
  118. (We're currently writing the rest of the pages so be back soon!)
  119. </p>
  120. <!-- <ul> -->
  121. <!-- <li></li> -->
  122. <!-- </ul> -->
  123. <!-- Videos -->
  124. <h3><span class="mw-headline" id="Videos"> Videos </span></h3>
  125. <p>
  126. A few videos from falkTX, Carla's creator, showing off Carla's features and a few workflows.
  127. </p>
  128. <h6>Sonoj 2017</h6>
  129. <p>
  130. <iframe width="1024" height="576" src="https://media.ccc.de/v/sonoj2017-1704-carla-plugin-host/oembed" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  131. </p>
  132. <h6>LAC 2018</h6>
  133. <p>
  134. <iframe width="1024" height="576" src="https://media.ccc.de/v/lac2018-24-carla_plugin_host_feature_overview_and_workflows/oembed" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  135. </p>
  136. <!-- Download -->
  137. <h3><span class="mw-headline" id="Download"> Download </span></h3>
  138. <p>
  139. Carla is available in the KXStudio repositories, Fedora and ArchLinux (all with 'carla' package name).
  140. </p>
  141. <p>
  142. Pre-compiled binaries are available for Linux, macOS and Windows (version <?php echo $VERSION_CARLA; ?>).<br/>
  143. <img src="images/ico_linux.png" alt="" class="img_text_align_spaced"/>
  144. <a href="https://github.com/falkTX/Carla/releases/download/v<?php echo $VERSION_CARLA_OLD; ?>/Carla_<?php echo $VERSION_CARLA_OLD; ?>-linux32.tar.xz" class="external text a_bigger_text" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">
  145. Linux 32bit</a> (requires Qt 5.9 or higher)<br/>
  146. <img src="images/ico_linux.png" alt="" class="img_text_align_spaced"/>
  147. <a href="https://github.com/falkTX/Carla/releases/download/v<?php echo $VERSION_CARLA_OLD; ?>/Carla_<?php echo $VERSION_CARLA_OLD; ?>-linux64.tar.xz" class="external text a_bigger_text" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">
  148. Linux 64bit</a> (requires Qt 5.9 or higher)<br/>
  149. <img src="images/ico_mac.png" alt="" class="img_text_align_spaced"/>
  150. <a href="https://github.com/falkTX/Carla-Releases/releases/download/v<?php echo $VERSION_CARLA; ?>/Carla-<?php echo $VERSION_CARLA_MAJ; ?>-macos.dmg" class="external text a_bigger_text" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">
  151. MacOS compatible build</a> (requires macOS 10.8 or higher)<br/>
  152. <img src="images/ico_mac.png" alt="" class="img_text_align_spaced"/>
  153. <a href="https://github.com/falkTX/Carla-Releases/releases/download/v<?php echo $VERSION_CARLA; ?>/Carla-<?php echo $VERSION_CARLA_MAJ; ?>-macos-universal.dmg" class="external text a_bigger_text" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">
  154. MacOS universal build</a> (requires macOS 10.12 or higher)<br/>
  155. <img src="images/ico_windows.png" alt="" class="img_text_align_spaced"/>
  156. <a href="https://github.com/falkTX/Carla-Releases/releases/download/v<?php echo $VERSION_CARLA; ?>/Carla-<?php echo $VERSION_CARLA_MAJ; ?>-win32.zip" class="external text a_bigger_text" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">
  157. Windows 32bit</a><br/>
  158. <img src="images/ico_windows.png" alt="" class="img_text_align_spaced"/>
  159. <a href="https://github.com/falkTX/Carla-Releases/releases/download/v<?php echo $VERSION_CARLA; ?>/Carla-<?php echo $VERSION_CARLA_MAJ; ?>-win64.zip" class="external text a_bigger_text" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">
  160. Windows 64bit</a><br/>
  161. </p>
  162. <p>
  163. The latest source code is hosted on github, together with bug reports, feature requests, etc.<br/>
  164. <img src="images/ico_github.png" alt="" class="img_text_align_spaced"/>
  165. <a href="https://github.com/falkTX/Carla/" class="external text a_bigger_text" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">
  166. Project page</a><br/>
  167. <img src="images/ico_github.png" alt="" class="img_text_align_spaced"/>
  168. <a href="https://github.com/falkTX/Carla/archive/main.zip" class="external text a_bigger_text" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">
  169. Source code (zip)</a><br/>
  170. <img src="images/ico_github.png" alt="" class="img_text_align_spaced"/>
  171. <a href="https://github.com/falkTX/Carla/issues?state=open" class="external text a_bigger_text" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">
  172. Bug reports / Feature requests</a><br/>
  173. </p>
  174. <p><br/></p>
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