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  47. <span class="bchead">Trace:</span> <span class="bcsep">&raquo;</span> <span class="curid"><a href="/doku.php?id=included_and_recommended_apps" class="breadcrumbs" title="included_and_recommended_apps">included_and_recommended_apps</a></span> </div>
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  51. <h1><a name="included_and_recommended_apps" id="included_and_recommended_apps">Included and recommended apps</a></h1>
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  54. Listed below are recommended audio, video and productivity apps for GNU/Linux complete with a short description.
  55. </p>
  56. <p>
  57. Many of these apps are, or will be, included on the KXStudio DVD. Those not included are easily installed from the repositories in most cases.
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  59. </p>
  60. <ul>
  61. <li class="level1"><div class="li"> <strong>Amarok</strong> Feature-packed music player with support for syncing with ipods (up to 4th gen)</div>
  62. </li>
  63. <li class="level1"><div class="li"> <strong>Ardour</strong> The original Linux DAW</div>
  64. </li>
  65. <li class="level1"><div class="li"> <strong>Audacious</strong> Uncomplicated music player with good JACK support</div>
  66. </li>
  67. <li class="level1"><div class="li"> <strong>Audacity</strong> Popular cross-platform sound editor but with poor JACK support</div>
  68. </li>
  69. <li class="level1"><div class="li"> <strong>Avidemux</strong> Simple video editing and conversion tool ala Virtualdub</div>
  70. </li>
  71. <li class="level1"><div class="li"> <strong>Blender 3D</strong> Powerful 3D modelling, animation, rendering and compositing</div>
  72. </li>
  73. <li class="level1"><div class="li"> <strong>Cadence</strong> Controls and monitors various Linux sound systems</div>
  74. </li>
  75. <li class="level1"><div class="li"> <strong>cadence-jackmeter</strong> Cadence-JackMeter is a digital peak meter for JACK</div>
  76. </li>
  77. <li class="level1"><div class="li"> <strong>cadence-xycontroller</strong> Cadence-XY Controller is a simple XY widget that sends and receives data from Jack MIDI</div>
  78. </li>
  79. <li class="level1"><div class="li"> <strong>Carla</strong> Audio plugin host (LADSPA, LV2, VST etc)</div>
  80. </li>
  81. <li class="level1"><div class="li"> <strong>Catia</strong> Catia is a JACK Patchbay, with some neat features like A2J bridge support and JACK Transport</div>
  82. </li>
  83. <li class="level1"><div class="li"> <strong>cinepaint</strong> HDR, High bit-depth movie still editor</div>
  84. </li>
  85. <li class="level1"><div class="li"> <strong>Claudia</strong> Claudia is a LADISH frontend; it&#039;s just like Catia, but focused on session management through LADISH</div>
  86. </li>
  87. <li class="level1"><div class="li"> <strong>darktable</strong> Virtual lighttable and darkroom</div>
  88. </li>
  89. <li class="level1"><div class="li"> <strong>DeVeDe</strong> Creates DVD video and (S)VCD discs from movie files</div>
  90. </li>
  91. <li class="level1"><div class="li"> <strong>DIN (Din Is Noise)</strong> Advanced fluid microtonal synthesis with drones and melodic effects, oriented toward Indian classical music</div>
  92. </li>
  93. <li class="level1"><div class="li"> <strong>Dolphin</strong> The default KDE file manager</div>
  94. </li>
  95. <li class="level1"><div class="li"> <strong>Firefox</strong> The original and best web browser</div>
  96. </li>
  97. <li class="level1"><div class="li"> <strong>FileZilla</strong> (s)<acronym title="File Transfer Protocol">FTP</acronym> client (and server)</div>
  98. </li>
  99. <li class="level1"><div class="li"> <strong>GIMP</strong> GNU Image Manipulation Program - Photoshop alternative</div>
  100. </li>
  101. <li class="level1"><div class="li"> <strong>gnumeric</strong> A superior spreadsheet to the one included in LibreOffice or OpenOffice</div>
  102. </li>
  103. <li class="level1"><div class="li"> <strong>Guitarix</strong> JACK virtual guitar amplifier</div>
  104. </li>
  105. <li class="level1"><div class="li"> <strong>Handbrake</strong> Cross-platform DVD ripping and video transcoding</div>
  106. </li>
  107. <li class="level1"><div class="li"> <strong>Hydrogen</strong> JACK drum machine and sequencer, note: many additional drum-kits are available by installing the package “hydrogen-drumkits”</div>
  108. </li>
  109. <li class="level1"><div class="li"> <strong>IDJC</strong> Internet DJ Console is for live, web radio production. Features voip integration</div>
  110. </li>
  111. <li class="level1"><div class="li"> <strong>Inkscape</strong> Leading open source vector graphics editor</div>
  112. </li>
  113. <li class="level1"><div class="li"> <strong>JAmin</strong> JACK stereo audio mastering tool</div>
  114. </li>
  115. <li class="level1"><div class="li"> <strong>k3b</strong> CD, DVD and BD burning</div>
  116. </li>
  117. <li class="level1"><div class="li"> <strong>Kdenlive</strong> KDE video editor, similar to Sony Vegas</div>
  118. </li>
  119. <li class="level1"><div class="li"> <strong>ksnapshot</strong> Take screenshots of windows or desktops</div>
  120. </li>
  121. <li class="level1"><div class="li"> <strong>LibreOffice</strong> <acronym title="Microsoft">MS</acronym> Office-compatible word processor, spreadsheet and presentation suite</div>
  122. </li>
  123. <li class="level1"><div class="li"> <strong>LightWorks</strong> Professional, high-end video editor used in Hollywood productions (currently beta and 64-bit only)</div>
  124. </li>
  125. <li class="level1"><div class="li"> <strong>Lincoder</strong> Java/mencoder based batch video conversion tool</div>
  126. </li>
  127. <li class="level1"><div class="li"> <strong>Lingot</strong> Instrument tuner</div>
  128. </li>
  129. <li class="level1"><div class="li"> <strong>LMMS</strong> FruityLoops-esque sequencer w/ integrated synths</div>
  130. </li>
  131. <li class="level1"><div class="li"> <strong>mhwaveedit</strong> Lightweight sound editor with good JACK support</div>
  132. </li>
  133. <li class="level1"><div class="li"> <strong>Mixxx</strong> DJ mixing software</div>
  134. </li>
  135. <li class="level1"><div class="li"> <strong>MusE</strong> DAW with good MIDI editing features and some integrated plugins</div>
  136. </li>
  137. <li class="level1"><div class="li"> <strong>Musescore</strong> Professional quality music notation and scoring</div>
  138. </li>
  139. <li class="level1"><div class="li"> <strong>Mypaint</strong> Bitmap paint program that can simulate real painting techniques</div>
  140. </li>
  141. <li class="level1"><div class="li"> <strong>Okular</strong> <acronym title="Portable Document Format">PDF</acronym> and document viewer</div>
  142. </li>
  143. <li class="level1"><div class="li"> <strong>Paulstretch</strong> Ambient sound generation via stretched sound recordings, extreme stretch lenghts and many controls over the sound</div>
  144. </li>
  145. <li class="level1"><div class="li"> <strong>QDVDauthor</strong> DVD menu authoring</div>
  146. </li>
  147. <li class="level1"><div class="li"> <strong>Qsynth</strong> Allows use of SoundFont files</div>
  148. </li>
  149. <li class="level1"><div class="li"> <strong>Qsampler</strong> Allows use of sfz and gigasampler sample sets</div>
  150. </li>
  151. <li class="level1"><div class="li"> <strong>Qtractor</strong> Fast, lightweight DAW</div>
  152. </li>
  153. <li class="level1"><div class="li"> <strong>REAPER</strong> Powerful Windows-based DAW, officially supported under Wine</div>
  154. </li>
  155. <li class="level1"><div class="li"> <strong>Recorditnow</strong> Record your desktop to a video file</div>
  156. </li>
  157. <li class="level1"><div class="li"> <strong>Rakarrack</strong> JACK Guitar FX processor</div>
  158. </li>
  159. <li class="level1"><div class="li"> <strong>Rosegarden</strong> MIDI sequencer with integrated notation</div>
  160. </li>
  161. <li class="level1"><div class="li"> <strong>samplv1</strong> Simple sampler available as LV2 plugin and JACK app</div>
  162. </li>
  163. <li class="level1"><div class="li"> <strong>scribus</strong> Professional layout and publishing software</div>
  164. </li>
  165. <li class="level1"><div class="li"> <strong>smplayer</strong> Excellent audio and video playback app</div>
  166. </li>
  167. <li class="level1"><div class="li"> <strong>Soundkonverter</strong> batch audio file conversion</div>
  168. </li>
  169. <li class="level1"><div class="li"> <strong>Sooperlooper</strong> live looping sampler</div>
  170. </li>
  171. <li class="level1"><div class="li"> <strong>sunvox</strong> Advanced module tracker with integrated synths, samplers and JACK support</div>
  172. </li>
  173. <li class="level1"><div class="li"> <strong>Swami</strong> SoundFont editor</div>
  174. </li>
  175. <li class="level1"><div class="li"> <strong>synfig</strong> Powerful 2D vector animation software</div>
  176. </li>
  177. <li class="level1"><div class="li"> <strong>TAL-Noisemaker</strong> Superb sounding, fully automatable softsynth plugin</div>
  178. </li>
  179. <li class="level1"><div class="li"> <strong>VLC</strong> The famous VLC media player</div>
  180. </li>
  181. <li class="level1"><div class="li"> <strong>VMPK</strong> Virtual MIDI Piano Keyboard</div>
  182. </li>
  183. <li class="level1"><div class="li"> <strong>Wine</strong> Wine allows most <acronym title="Microsoft">MS</acronym> Windows software to run under GNU/Linux</div>
  184. </li>
  185. <li class="level1"><div class="li"> <strong>XCFA</strong> Another sound conversion tool with more options than soundkonverter</div>
  186. </li>
  187. <li class="level1"><div class="li"> <strong>XJadeo</strong> X JACK video monitor plays video in sync with a external time source (eg Ardour)</div>
  188. </li>
  189. <li class="level1"><div class="li"> <strong>Zynaddsubfx</strong> JACK synthesizer</div>
  190. </li>
  191. </ul>
  192. </div>
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