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  10. <h2><span name="what_is_wine" id="what_is_wine">What is Wine?</span></h2>
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  13. KXStudio includes a program called Wine (Wine Is Not an Emulator) which allows most <acronym title="Microsoft">MS</acronym> Windows software to run under GNU/Linux. It is <acronym title="Free/Libre and Open Source Software">FLOSS</acronym> and does not require a copy of Windows to run it. While a number of Windows applications will not run at all under Wine, there is the odd app or game that runs better under Wine than real Windows! In most cases though, <acronym title="Microsoft">MS</acronym> Windows apps run slower under Wine than under a genuine Windows install. Overall, it is recommended to run native GNU/Linux software instead of using Windows software under Wine, but the option of Wine allows flexibility if no suitable, Linux-native alternative software is available at the moment.
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  16. <h2><span name="what_is_wineasio" id="what_is_wineasio">What is WineASIO?</span></h2>
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  19. Audio Stream Input/Output (ASIO) is the most common low-latency sound card driver protocol for <acronym title="Microsoft">MS</acronym> Windows, hence most professional Windows audio software is designed to work with ASIO. KXStudio includes WineASIO which provides an ASIO to JACK driver for Wine. This allows ASIO-compatible Windows software running under Wine to access your JACK device/server as if it was an ASIO device.
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  22. <h2><span name="configure_wineasio" id="configure_wineasio">Configure WineASIO</span></h2>
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  25. WineASIO provides a few options that can be configured within Cadence. These options are:
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  27. <ul>
  28. <li class="level1"><div class="li"> Number of inputs</div>
  29. </li>
  30. <li class="level1"><div class="li"> Number of outputs</div>
  31. </li>
  32. <li class="level1"><div class="li"> Connect to hardware (auto-connect to JACK hardware ports)</div>
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  34. <li class="level1"><div class="li"> Autostart server (start JACK automatically if not already running)</div>
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  36. <li class="level1"><div class="li"> Fixed buffersize (if off, the host is allowed to change the current JACK buffersize on the fly)</div>
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  38. <li class="level1"><div class="li"> Preferred buffersize (if fixed buffersize is off, WineASIO attempts to use this value on startup)</div>
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  42. (Cadence WineASIO settings screenshot: <a href="http://kxstudio.sourceforge.net/screenshots/cadence4.png" class="urlextern" title="http://kxstudio.sourceforge.net/screenshots/cadence4.png" rel="nofollow">http://kxstudio.sourceforge.net/screenshots/cadence4.png</a>)
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  45. <h2><span name="registering_wineasio_libraries" id="registering_wineasio_libraries">Registering WineASIO libraries</span></h2>
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  48. If you ran KXStudio Welcome Setup before then you should already have the wineasio.dll library registered, otherwise or if you messed up your Wine configuration you should run:
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  50. <pre class="code">regsvr32 wineasio.dll</pre>
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  52. If you&#039;re running a 64-bit <acronym title="Operating System">OS</acronym> and you want to run 64-bit Windows software under wine, run the following too:
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  54. <pre class="code">wine64 regsvr32 wineasio.dll</pre>
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  56. You should only need to issue these commands once, if at all, and there is no harm in re-running them.
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  59. <h2><span name="what_is_reaper" id="what_is_reaper">What is REAPER?</span></h2>
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  62. KXStudio includes the <acronym title="Microsoft">MS</acronym> Windows version of REAPER (Rapid Environment for Audio Production, Engineering, and Recording). REAPER is proprietary software which runs as a fully-functional demo for trial. It is one of the most powerful and popular DAWs available for Windows and Mac OSX, and a native Linux version is in development. REAPER has proven popular under GNU/Linux due to its advanced audio production features, its not-<acronym title="Free/Libre and Open Source Software">FLOSS</acronym>-but-nonetheless-user-friendly licensing and its official support for running the Windows version under Wine.
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  65. <h2><span name="configure_reaper_for_wineasio_and_jack" id="configure_reaper_for_wineasio_and_jack">Configure REAPER for WineASIO and JACK</span></h2>
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  67. <ol>
  68. <li class="level1"><div class="li"> Start REAPER then choose Preferences, the bottom option in the Options menu, or just push CTRL+P</div>
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  70. <li class="level1"><div class="li"> Choose Device under the Audio section from the list to the left of the Preferences window</div>
  71. </li>
  72. <li class="level1"><div class="li"> Choose ASIO from the Audio drop-down menu at the top of the Audio device settings options. You should then see &#039;WineASIO Driver&#039; is selected as the ASIO driver.</div>
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  74. <li class="level1"><div class="li"> Choose Audio from the list to the left of the Preferences window and untick &#039;Close audio device when stopped and application is inactive&#039;</div>
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  76. <li class="level1"><div class="li"> Apply, OK, done!</div>
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