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  9. These are the release notes related to the KXStudio 18.04 Release, based on Neon 18.04 LTS. (which in turn is based on Ubuntu)<br/>
  10. </p>
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  12. <h4><span class="mw-headline" id="LiveDVDNotes">KXStudio 18.04 Live-DVD Notes</span></h4>
  13. <ul>
  14. <li>The live session user name is "kxstudio" and has no password.</li>
  15. <li>Wine is not included in the Live-DVD, it needs to be installed if required.<br/>
  16. A meta-package called kxstudio-meta-wine was created or it, for convenience. Just open Synaptic and install it.
  17. </li>
  18. <li>Sometimes the keyboard layout is not set-up correctly on the live session. This can be manually fixed by running:
  19. <pre>setxkbmap pt</pre>
  20. <i>(replace '</i>pt<i>' by the relevant keyboard layout/language).</i>
  21. </li>
  22. <li>Installation for (U)EFI systems will fail due to missing packages if not connected to the internet.<br/>
  23. If you need to install on such systems, make sure to connect to the internet before starting the installer.
  24. </li>
  25. <!--<li>The list of packages installed on the Live-DVD is available
  26. <a href="<?php echo $ROOT; ?>/Paste/c6i94" class="external text" rel="nofollow">here</a> for 32bit and
  27. <a href="<?php echo $ROOT; ?>/Paste/MpWgT" class="external text" rel="nofollow">here</a> for 64bit.</li>-->
  28. </ul>
  29. <p><br/></p>
  30. <h4><span class="mw-headline" id="CurrentNotes">Current 14.04.5 Notes</span></h4>
  31. <ul>
  32. <li>TODO: test 18.04 and write relevant notes here</li>
  33. </ul>
  34. <p><br/></p>
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