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<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

<span style="font-size: 20px">&gt; Cardinal 23.02 released</span><br/>
On <i>2023-02-28</i> by<i> falkTX</i>
Hello again everyone, it is time for another <a href="" target="_blank">Cardinal</a> release.<br/>
<a href="" target="_blank">Cardinal</a>
is a free and open-source virtual modular synthesizer plugin.<br/>
It is based on the popular <a href="" target="_blank">VCV Rack</a>
but with a focus on being a fully self-contained plugin version.
<img src="/screenshots/news/cardinal-23.02.png" alt="cardinal"/>
The main change for this release is the introduction of a "Mini" variant.<br/>
This is a special variant with a very small, hand-picked module selection and limited IO (2 audio ports plus 5 CV).<br/>
There are 2 main reasons for this variant to exist:
<li>make it easier for users new to the modular world to get a working setup, by only having some of the best possible modules available to choose from</li>
<li>hand-pick modules that are simple enough to work reliably in a remote setup</li>
For now the list of selected modules is quite small, intentionally. We will add a few more as the need appears.<br/>
All included modules support polyphony, reducing confusion for new users not yet used to mono vs poly approach in Rack/Cardinal.<br/>
The 2nd reason (only having simple modules) is needed in order to support DSP/UI separation.<br/>
Having this in place means we can run the DSP on a different machine than the UI.<br/>
This is particularly interesting for running Cardinal on embed systems, being controlled remotely via web browser or native desktop application.<br/>
Already doable with LV2 from 23.02 onwards, later on this will be made possible on standalone too.
There are a few module updates too, and some important bug fixes too, see the changelog below.

<li>Add Mini variant (very few hand-picked modules, with separate DSP/UI under LV2)
<li>Add wasm-noopt build, needed for some web browsers
<li>Add CardinalMIDI variant for AU (same as CardinalFX but has different tag)
<li>Allow to build without SSE optimizations (using `NOSIMD=true`)
<li>Check /usr and /usr/local directories for existing Carla tools on macOS
<li>Do not reset Host MIDI pitch when receiving an all-notes-off event
<li>Fix display of Host CV in non-main variants
<li>Fix LV2 not reacting to buffer-size changes
<li>Fix VST3 "SDK" versioning to be more officially compatible
<li>Remove the `NOPLUGINS` build option
<li>Several performance optimizations</li>

<h3>Module changes</h3>
<li>Update Grande Modular to 2.7.2</li>
<li>Update Surge XT to 2.1.3</li>

The source code plus Linux, macOS and Windows binaries can be downloaded at
<a href="" target="_blank"></a>.<br/>
Cardinal is released as LV2, VST2, VST3 and CLAP plugin, plus AudioUnit and JACK/Standalone for certain systems.


<span style="font-size: 20px">&gt; Carla 2.5.3 released</span><br/>
On <i>2023-01-15</i> by<i> falkTX</i>
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<li>Update PathSet</li>

<h3>Module changes</h3>
<h3>Web-assembly related changes</h3>
<li>Add Web-assembly build instructions</li>
<li>Enable brotli compression on release files</li>

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