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<span style="font-size: 20px">&gt; KXStudio Monthly Report (June 2021) and a Little Personal Note</span><br/>
On <i>2021-06-31</i> by<i> falkTX</i>
Hello all, another monthly report about the KXStudio project is here.<br/>
I skipped last month as there was not much to report.<br/>

dpf update to upstream pugl finished (feature parity with old pugl)
- vst2 parameter groups
- load libjack dynamically
- Fallback to RtAudio when JACK fails
- port groups
- start of event handler helper code, now in use for internal image widgets and also blendish widgets (WIP)
Allow UI_TYPE = generic, so UI can be opengl or cairo, whichever is available
Initial work for VST3 compatible plugins, lots to do..
Implement Window::openFileBrowser() fallback for state files

future plans:
- ensure high-dpi works always and for all plugins in dpf-plugins suite
- svg support
- freeze features and begin all around bugfixing
- slowly get vst3 to work
- keep going at documentation

OneKnob series WIP
goal for this, upcoming plans

carla new release incoming, in 15 days for the release pact once again.
going to be bugfix release, more details later but these are the changes so far:
- pipewire connections fixup attempt
- vst2 paramter groups (linux vsts only)
- Fix initial size for LV2 macOS UIs with no UI resize extension
- allow canvas eyecandy for >= qt5.12
Fix canvas split/join action
Remove favorite plugins from list when they fail to load
Use posix_spawn for macOS bridge mode scanning
Fix bridged plugin UIs appearing behind main carla window on macOS
Fix default rack "skin" for a few plugins
midipattern: always kill all notes on reposition
Improve countDecimalPoints
Make some macOS dialogs modal, hack around edit dialog on top

mod-live-usb mention
done on free time, even though related to work, might be useful for other projects later on
- based on archiso
- single qt tool running fullscreen.
using linux framebuffer, no x11 or wayland
- puts cpu in performance mode, has RT kernel, other common tweaks for audio
- has options for picking soundcard
- spawns a container matching MOD system, so libs, jack, plugins, everything matches
- different tabs for ..., main thing in 1st tab. can open terminal with ctrl+alt+t
- very barebones, intentionally. no internet.
- not optimized in size yet, problem coming from archlinux

now, into personal notes...
- a little frustrated, perhaps disappointed, that pushing for donations doesnt work.
number of subcriptions has been going down, not up.
while I want to keep doing these things, being realistic, it is really not sustainable.
all the free time is basically spent on this, but it does not pay off.

it seems that (opinion), in order to make it really pay off, a whole lot more effort would be needed.
not just the coding, but more regular interaction with community, basically a whole lot of reporting and being present?
or maybe is not feasible at all, this is all very very niche, so who knows.
but it is clear that keeping this up is not possible, a lot of life stuff was ignored or put on hold (it was lockdown anyway, so not much of a problem).

so going forward, for the next 6 months (rest of the year), plan is:
- no more new-feature developments, bugfixes only (the svg and vst3 support in dpf being the exception, I feel like they are essential)
- will restrict time spent working on floss stuff to whatever is left from main job, no more weekends
- when bugfixes get boring, try packaging, website updates or writting user manual


<span style="font-size: 20px">&gt; KXStudio Monthly Report (May 2021)</span><br/>
On <i>2021-05-31</i> by<i> falkTX</i>