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cardinal 23.09

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falkTX 5 months ago
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<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

<span style="font-size: 20px">&gt; Cardinal 23.09 released</span><br/>
On <i>2023-09-17</i> by<i> falkTX</i>
Hello again everyone, it is time for another <a href="" target="_blank">Cardinal</a> release.<br/>
<a href="" target="_blank">Cardinal</a>
is a free and open-source virtual modular synthesizer plugin.<br/>
It is based on the popular <a href="" target="_blank">VCV Rack</a>
but with a focus on being a fully self-contained plugin version.
The main change for this release is making the OSC remote control an official feature, with some initial documentation <a href="" target="_blank">here</a>.<br/>
Then also the usual set of fixes and a few module updates.<br/>
As an extra, Cardinal has its own website now, living at <a href="" target="_blank"></a> with the online/wasm version still accessible by clicking "Try Live".
<li>Add OSC Remote control</li>
<li>Do not try to save and load module info per project, its a global setting since 22.07</li>
<li>Fix a few missing details in macOS app bundles</li>
<li>Fix Cardinal Mini window title after loading patches</li>
<li>Fix crash when pressing F9 (used internally for generating screenshots)</li>
<li>Fix crash when window creation fails (e.g. running headless)</li>
<li>Fix headless build when OpenGL is available (but unused since it is headless)</li>
<li>Fix stuck notes in CardinalNative MIDI handling</li>
<li>Fix VST2 parameter changes</li>
<li>Proper handling of XDG_DOCUMENTS_DIR</li>
<li>Switch to regular/initial welcome patch for web/wasm builds</li>

<h3>Modules related changes</h3>
<li>Add EnigmaCurry</li>
<li>Audio File Player: Fix resampled playback for some files, many CPU optimizations</li>
<li>Ildaeil: Add bridge reload button, in case hosted plugin crashes or times out</li>
<li>Ildaeil: List Windows plugins under Linux</li>
<li>Update unless_modules</li>

The source code plus Linux, macOS and Windows binaries can be downloaded at
<a href="" target="_blank"></a>.<br/>
Cardinal is released as LV2, VST2, VST3 and CLAP plugin, plus AudioUnit and JACK/Standalone for certain systems.


<span style="font-size: 20px">&gt; Carla 2.5.6 released</span><br/>
On <i>2023-08-04</i> by<i> falkTX</i>