KXStudio scripts and misc stuff
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This folder contains the code for KXStudio's Pastebin.

It's shared under the Public Domain.
The full license is available at:

To use it, download GeSHi first, and unpack the geshi folder in here.

The file structure must be like this:
+ geshi
- *.php
+ repo
- _error
- .htaccess
- download.php
- geshi.php
- index.php
- kxstudio.css

-> htaccess has been renamed as usual
-> repo directory must have r+w permissions (we'll use it to store the files)

To make this work, you'll need to:

edit index/download.php and set $base_dir and $server_dir properly.
edit index.php and set the server root path if needed (ie, href="/paste/kxstudio.css" -> href="/~user/paste/kxstudio.css")
^ change everything that starts with '/paste'.