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falkTX d082460d9c
Disable unused filebrowser stuff
5 months ago
DistrhoPluginGLBars.cpp Update DPF 6 months ago
DistrhoPluginGLBars.hpp Initial commit 6 years ago
DistrhoPluginInfo.h Set DISTRHO_PLUGIN_VST3_CATEGORIES 9 months ago
DistrhoUIGLBars.cpp Grow with scale factor as needed 5 months ago
DistrhoUIGLBars.hpp Add a resize handle, remove custom keyboard input for resizing 9 months ago
Makefile Disable unused filebrowser stuff 5 months ago
ResizeHandle.hpp Update DPF 5 months ago
Screenshot.png Update screenshot 6 years ago
glBars.hpp Fixup against latest DPF 3 years ago