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  1. # DISTRHO Ildaeil
  2. DISTRHO Ildaeil is mini-plugin host working as a plugin, allowing one-to-one plugin format reusage.
  3. The idea is to load it as a plugin inside your DAW and then the other "real" plugin inside Ildaeil.
  4. This allows, for example, a VST3 host to load LV2 plugins.
  5. The Ildaeil name comes from the korean 일대일, which means "one to one".
  6. ## Details
  7. Ildaeil basically works as a mini-wrapper around [Carla](, leveraging it for all its host support.
  8. Everything should be working except plugin parameters (none are exposed to the host).
  9. When open, Ildaeil will show a list of plugins to pick from or the plugin editor if one is already selected.
  10. If the plugin provides an embeddable UI, Ildaeil show will that by default, otherwise it shows a generic parameter list.
  11. Toggling between generic vs custom/embed view is possible.
  12. In the case of a plugin providing a custom UI that is not embeddable, Ildaeil will show the generic view by default.
  13. You can press "Show Custom GUI" to open the plugin UI in an external window.
  14. ## Features
  15. The current formats Ildaeil can work as are:
  16. - JACK/Standalone
  17. - CLAP
  18. - LV2
  19. - VST2
  20. - VST3
  21. And it can load the following plugin formats:
  22. - Internal (from Carla)
  23. - LV2
  24. - JSFX
  25. With a few extra formats through the "Load from file..." action:
  26. - CLAP plugins
  27. - VST2 plugins
  28. - Audio files (through internal audio file player, synced to transport)
  29. - MIDI files (through internal MIDI file player, synced to transport)
  30. - SFZ files (through internal SFZero)
  31. ## Goals
  32. Later on, in theory, it should be able to load the following plugin formats:
  33. - LADSPA
  34. - DSSI
  35. - VST3
  36. - AU (macOS only)
  37. Eventually the following files could be loaded too:
  38. - SF2/3 files (through internal FluidSynth)
  39. ## Screenshots
  40. ### Plugin list
  41. Your typical view before loading a plugin
  42. ![screenshot](screenshots/ildaeil-plugin-list.png "plugin list")
  43. ### Generic plugin GUI
  44. The integrated generic controls, typically used for GUI-less plugins
  45. ![screenshot](screenshots/ildaeil-generic-gui.png "generic gui")
  46. ### Bitwig with setBfree
  47. setBfree as synth, with its own whirl speaker as FX, inside Bitwig.
  48. ![screenshot](screenshots/bitwig-setbfree.png "plugin list")
  49. ### CAPS in Cubase
  50. A few [CAPS plugins]( running inside Cubase, though UI resizing doesn't seem to work.
  51. ![screenshot](screenshots/cubase-caps.png "plugin list")
  52. ### FLStudio and various plugins
  53. Vex as synth, [DIE-Plugins]( and [OpenAV Filta]( as FX, running in FLStudio.
  54. ![screenshot](screenshots/flstudio-various.png "plugin list")
  55. ### Renoise with Aether
  56. Another LV2-only plugin, [Aether](, running in Renoise.
  57. ![screenshot](screenshots/renoise-aether.png "plugin list")