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  falkTX 9d09b5e15b
Start implementation of state files; rework some code where sane 3 years ago
  falkTX deed311a09
Remove specialized constructor for ParameterRanges, not needed 3 years ago
  falkTX 58da5a6ef7
Leave note that AudioPort can be CV by specifying a hint 3 years ago
  falkTX 3fa7482577
Add initializer list constructor to ParameterRanges class 3 years ago
  JP Cimalando 945ee9a2f4 Suppress the copy methods of ParameterEnumerationValues (fixes #177) (#178) 4 years ago
  falkTX 3fddc2794f
Mention that parameter description is LV2 only 4 years ago
  JP Cimalando 126595f1a5 Add LV2 parameter comments 4 years ago
  falkTX f4f44ab0cd
Add Parameter short name support, used in LV2 and VST 4 years ago
  falkTX 7a056bbcf8
Don't return reference in getFixedValue function 4 years ago
  JP Cimalando 2d617789fe
Fix some warnings emitted by GCC 8 and Clang 7 4 years ago
  JP Cimalando c5e1f7d026 Fix some warnings emitted by GCC 8 and Clang 7 4 years ago
  Patrick Desaulniers bbca5beee3 Fix some parts of BarBeatTick documentation (#86) 4 years ago
  falkTX 5f65434e57 Implement triggers in all formats; Allow VST to use param outputs 5 years ago
  falkTX ffdfaa6174 Implement MIDI output for all formats 5 years ago
  falkTX f2ed265a00 Add parameter trigger and enumeration definitions 5 years ago
  falkTX bb29962a51 Add Parameter::initDesignation() 6 years ago
  falkTX 91d1a9bdf7 Another typo 6 years ago
  falkTX 4c6c52ec83 Fix typo 6 years ago
  falkTX aa6288df7c Add parameter designation API (unused for now) 6 years ago
  falkTX cda831ffcd Add 'midiCC' hint to Parameter, use in as DSSI code already 7 years ago
  falkTX 87217454c3 Update some comments 7 years ago
  falkTX f40b419e37 Update doxygen file and some copyright dates 7 years ago
  falkTX d0a26d6d20 Initial support for full states 7 years ago
  falkTX eafa8349a9 Add new metadata fields; Export more LV2 stuff, more MOD support 7 years ago
  falkTX 13ef4e9067 Add Parameter constructor using custom values; Fix typo 8 years ago
  falkTX f0561d522e Fix states; Fix vst build without UI 8 years ago
  falkTX 4ecfc82f6b Minor fixing 8 years ago
  falkTX 2a66f39cdf Misc 8 years ago
  falkTX df95e431f5 Fix code for API changes; Update copyright date in dgl code 8 years ago
  falkTX 4f8b332b94 Rename some files 8 years ago
  falkTX 1e42d8b43f Start rework of base classes 8 years ago
  falkTX f32b41625d Add AudioPort struct and hints; Implement CV and Sidechain in LV2 8 years ago
  falkTX a89ea011f6 Small docs update 8 years ago
  falkTX 964a566666 Continue documentation 8 years ago
  falkTX 655ff0bce8 Change midi macros, start documentation rework 8 years ago
  falkTX 3ac6338a31 Need to have default state values; LV2 states proved 100% working 9 years ago
  falkTX ace05149be Remove size/geometry dependency from NTK; Docs update 9 years ago
  falkTX 8480503cd7 s/TimePos/TimePosition/ 9 years ago
  falkTX 4ef494a628 More documentation and small UI changes 9 years ago
  falkTX b9dcf5ca9f Use uint for sizes; Some DPF UI class changes and docs 9 years ago
  falkTX ad4a38d81d Update 9 years ago
  falkTX 04c9af69ee Misc 9 years ago
  falkTX 9afbad6c59 More documentation; Add macros for MIDI input and output 9 years ago
  falkTX f3b8ec198b Write some API documentation; Cleanup 9 years ago
  falkTX cd28737617 Cleanup; Fix some docs; Split Color from NanoVG into separate class 9 years ago
  falkTX 73b18ec998 Cleanup; Some fixes for -Weffc++ 9 years ago
  falkTX 66d720e36f Misc 9 years ago
  falkTX 0bff606f51 Fixing 9 years ago
  falkTX 4344309ed0 Rework base DSP class 9 years ago
  falkTX 9df2f7f1a3 Misc fixing 9 years ago