74 Commits (master)

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  falkTX e5b0edb9db
Update everything 1 week ago
  falkTX 38606bb59f
VST3: Clear up situation with host-side resize 1 week ago
  falkTX 534f97dda6 An attempt at host-side VST3 UI resize that doesnt work yet 1 week ago
  falkTX 791327b563 VST3: Use context from component too, fixes GUI on some hosts 1 week ago
  falkTX 33c266c595 Fix wrong context on UI deletion, needed for macOS hosts using GL 1 week ago
  falkTX bd9f61299c
Update DPF and plugins, enabling VST3 2 weeks ago
  falkTX 64e02a25d3
Update DPF 2 weeks ago
  falkTX 2edb95f377
Fix warnings and leaks 1 month ago
  falkTX 0d54329998
Update DPF and plugins, passing validation 1 month ago
  falkTX 2fcf0634b0 Update dpf, many fixes 1 month ago
  falkTX 5c201852b6 Update DPF, make ProM buildable no matter what 1 month ago
  falkTX b1e13fa6fb We need those things after all 2 months ago
  falkTX c7c5ffa5ab Cleanup for more macOS modal fixes 2 months ago
  falkTX a2d2c0b1c6 Fixup for modal windows, tested on macOS 2 months ago
  falkTX 9932b8fd7a Update DPF 2 months ago
  falkTX 339d75a252
Update all plugins and DPF, everything but ProM should scale well 2 months ago
  falkTX 5130b6201d Update everything 3 months ago
  falkTX 0d682df5a4
Update dpf 4 months ago
  falkTX 014db6d4ef
Make mousewheel delta independent of window size 9 months ago
  falkTX d3f38b2b02
Fix previous commit 9 months ago
  falkTX 028a78e679
Allow to use EXE_WRAPPER as makefile option 9 months ago
  falkTX 19c9837618 Update DPF; Nekobi has default CC defined now 9 months ago
  falkTX 3c777f0f2b Update DPF 1 year ago
  falkTX 86084a934a
Update DPF, yet another Kars fix 1 year ago
  falkTX 5ae3d53964 Update DPF 1 year ago
  falkTX 4f2c28de47
Add new file 2 years ago
  falkTX 8aa27dbd84
Update DPF and plugins 2 years ago
  falkTX ff74311573 Fix build with headers in custom path 2 years ago
  falkTX 0530b4309b Update DPF and plugins 2 years ago
  falkTX 6078615167
Really fix plugins with instance-access; Provide LV2 uiTouch 2 years ago
  falkTX da73655873
Update DPF yet again: vst time rework, fix lv2 export 2 years ago
  falkTX b3f59e8829
Fix generated ttl for plugins with instance access 2 years ago
  falkTX e2d9419006
Update DPF, fixes non-linux build 2 years ago
  falkTX fa35320395
Update DPF and plugins 2 years ago
  falkTX 3adff28961 Update: Adds new params to Kars, fixes ProM build 3 years ago
  falkTX a8f12e6b58 Add new files 3 years ago
  falkTX bf69231ca8 Update plugins and DPF 3 years ago
  falkTX d3f1a4c469 Add enumeration to one of nekobi's knobs 3 years ago
  falkTX bb6fbd4580 Update DPF 3 years ago
  falkTX 0c433e4611 Update to latest DPF 3 years ago
  falkTX 220e149c87 Update plugins and dpf 4 years ago
  falkTX fe9e89e260 Update DPF and Nekobi 4 years ago
  falkTX 5f35525a17 Update DPF and dpf-max-gen plugins 4 years ago
  falkTX 168a102c2c Update dpf 5 years ago
  falkTX f37c06323a Fix OSX build scripts, split for 10.6 and 10.10 host 5 years ago
  falkTX 5730ed4509 Update DPF 5 years ago
  falkTX 26b8eba64b Update DPF 5 years ago
  falkTX fec3f118f2 Update DPF 5 years ago
  falkTX 1e91d362b9 Fix graphical issues when closing UIs in Ableton Live 5 years ago
  falkTX 4b0e9dbea7 Update DPF 5 years ago