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DISTRHO is an open source project that has the goal of making cross-platform plugins and Linux ports.
The DISTRHO Team currently has 2 members - falkTX (the coder) and nieee (graphics designer).

The source repository is layered out this way:
bin/ - directory where all the compiled binaries will be placed
libs/ - libraries
plugins/ - plugins developed and/or designed by the DISTRHO Team
ports/ - plugin ports (plugins not made by us)
scripts/ - build scripts
sdks/ - SDKs must be placed here (VST SDK)


To build plugins, you first need to install the following dependencies:

All OSes:

- csound (version 6)
- liblo
- premake (version 3)

Linux: (development versions of these)

- ladspa
- freetype2
- OpenGL
- X11 core and extensions (Xinerama, XShm, XRender and XCursor)


In order to build the plugins, first run:

$ ./scripts/ _OS_

where _OS_ can be 'linux', 'mac' or 'mingw'. This operation requires 'premake' (version 3) to be installed on your system.

You are now ready to start building. Run this on the source root folder:

$ make

If you just want to build specific plugin versions, you can use 'make ladspa', 'make dssi', 'make lv2' or 'make vst'.

To build in debug mode, use this:

$ make CONFIG=Debug